Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Addresses Race Hustlers


But the lieutenant governor was speaking at the convention this weekend in North Carolina Convention where President spoke Trump President Trump spoke to Excuse me. And I'm telling you, I haven't heard a finer two minutes and 20 seconds of a speech in a long time. Here is Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson. Here's the first part about a minute or so. Play the second part, obviously right after I just want you to listen to this. Addressing Mark Robinson happens to be a black man, which is totally insignificant to Republicans. But the Democrats, it's everything because I guess he's oppressed or You're oppressing him or whatever. And Mark Robinson just takes it to the race hustlers like I have not heard in a long time. Play Mark Robinson, Dara some people that we're talking about reparations in this country. They wanted reparations. And I remember I made this particular liberal so angry at me because I told them right to their face. Nobody owes you anything for slavery. If you want to tell the truth about it, it is You who owes It's you, who owns Why do you? Oh, because somebody in those fields took stripes for you. Somebody After those fields were ended in slaver was ended. Somebody had to walk through Jim Crow for you. Somebody fought wars and died for you. Somebody lived less than because they didn't have what you have, and they did it for you. There are people in their graves right now. And they are there because they were willing to stand up and fight for you. Whoa!

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