How the Aaron Rodgers-Packers Drama Will Likely End

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Strikes out. looking yankee. Third base coach. Phil nevin was irate. Got thrown out either way. We go to extras tied at four top. Ten at fluey sesa during the pitching and a three to count. That's called the ball. And gary sanchez can't believe it. The yankees are frustrated. And then they would like this. Even last two onto that zander bogart's a basic both run score and the red sox winning six four completing the sweep again. It's the first time. The red sox walk into yankee stadium and leave with a sweep in a decade prior to this series. Boston lost eleven straight away games against the bombers. Moreover the red sox have now won five straight extra inning games at yankee stadium. We'll talk more about that later. Meanwhile now let's talk about this. Tomorrow is a significant day. In the development of the aaron rodgers sodden it is the first of three consecutive days of packers mandatory minicamp in his monthly column. Packers president. Mark murphy at this to say regarding the impact of the predicament. Quote the situation. We face with aaron rodgers has divided our fan base the emails and letters that i received reflect. This fact is. I wrote here last month. We remain committed to resolving things with aaron wanting to be our quarterback in twenty twenty one and beyond working to resolve the situation and realize that the less votes sides say publicly. The better you said that again. Dominic foxworth in his monthly column. So what question media jumps to your mind. A why the hell is mark. Berkeley a monthly column. Like who cares. And also i mean can. We do a foia request on his emails. Because i'm pretty sure there is. Nobody emailing him. Angry about aaron rodgers. There is no divide. There's no fans like we don't want aaron back like he's trying to create this this friction that doesn't exist and it seems

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