Humanity Brought to Its Knees With Hour-Long Partial Internet Outage

The Bugle


Top story this week the world was given a chilling peek behind the wireless cuts in all future chaos on tuesday when a global internet outage thoughts on this closed some websites for an hour It was truly harrowing for The planet's greatest species the human race with the loss of such sites as gideon website amazon. Read it and social media sites such as clank garbage g. o. p. o. j. toward la and ephemera where people post three second videos of themselves suffering existential angst Humanity was brought to its quivering. Nays and several major religions declared a full on magadan During the outage the uk government website went down which led to a fifty eight minute. Golden age of joy hope and productivity before normality was thankfully restored. Now i'm alex clearly this This is probably the most traumatic thing that's ever happened to The world How how did you both cope with with with a trauma. I found it a real relief and just the prospect that this was. The beginning of the end was quite a relief Most spent their whole time. Trying to identify which sites were up and down i started to separate doomsday cults and set them against each other. I don't know what you didn't have found one of the fascinating things was. Everyone had an opinion about what should be done or what was happening. Even nobody had any information about what was happening. It was revealed if nothing else that nobody knows how any of it works especially the people who think they do and definitely not the people whose job it was to make it work. My problem is that none of the good stuff that you want the internet to go down with ever goes down like my online mortgage payment went through which is really really painful. And i've had no internet for a couple of days because of the monsoon situation and we don't have any aeroplanes coming and going to india's you know which leads to the question. Maybe you guys know this now. The world with all its essential elements greed tiktok. That's still around. Alice and when we don't we don't really know that's the thing with internet outages is it does. It does lead to people questioning whether anything exists. If it's not being you know life blocked in some way

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