A highlight from Hour 2: Jordan Love's Minicamp Performance

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Three pm on espn with belgium and russia. Saturday afternoon on abc. And saturday night. It's game three of the western conference semifinals between the jazz and the clippers. And we'd cap saturday night with ufc to sixty three on espn plus pay per view and for back. Get up. We are coming to you. Live from above the heineken river deck at pier. Seventeen got a lot to get to one busy date. So let's get right to it and get up with a love story salad your in love. He's gonna tell you he's ready to take the reins. If aaron rodgers is gone. They give their plus. Tom brady's stunning admission about his injured knee and when he actually heard it that's critical our guys going to tell you why the league to take notice immediately and yields a goal matinee said about justin fields mentality. Our guys will tell you whether he's qb one right now. Let's go straight to the biggest story in the nfl. Aaron rodgers and the packers yesterday jordan love took the wraps and he look pretty good honestly. Here's is after practice when he was asked if he was ready to be the week. One starter hundred

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