A highlight from S3 E9: All Roads Lead to RuPaul with Rhys Nicholson

Chosen Family


Hi i'm anesthesia abuse. I am a two time olympic speedskater my whole life. I have been surrounded by athletes and every one of them has a story that a scoreboard will never capture. It's not an easy thing to be with an athlete but don't understand why they're making fun of me. Because i like to figure escape players on voices all about the person inside the performance. When you're so in it. I think perhaps we're the people that understand that the least subscribe now. Wherever you get your podcasts. This is a cbc podcast on the last day of shooting. Reu speech saying like you know you are going to change people's lives. This is really. You have a huge privilege in your about to enter new part of your lives and you'll careers and the last they said was don't fucking look in the comments. Welcome to a new episode of chosen family. I'm trying to winter. And i'm thomas la- blah that was reese. Nicholson you just heard the australian comedian. Who's a judge on rupaul's drag race down under getting closer and closer to the drag race. Inner sanctum and we are taking you there with us also on the show today we have a very special obsession segment. We have invited. Tom cap along. He is the curator of the christopher street. Reader instagram account. Which i'm obsessed with is going to give us a sort of crash course

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