A highlight from S3 E206: Connecting Self By Imbuing Closeness


Hello and welcome to the strength to be human podcast with your host poet and playwright mark antony rossi in this our third year we continue to explore the meaning of being an artist in an ever changing digital world. Now without further ado. here's your host. Welcome back to be holding. Playwright mark antony. I want to episode two hundred and six connecting self by imbuing closeness. I had to change order around a few things. I want to get out this month and ailments in july. So that's the way i did that. We're still doing the hovel episode of towards the more they ended a month. Okay now. i'm really fascinated with this particular show mainly because i've seen a lot of this happening to where folks are writing and they don't really have any close to what they're writing to disk distance there so we're going to talk about that the introduction about what i'm talking about on this and then we'll go to the first section which is bridging the distance and the second one standing your ground. Now let me give you a little bit more definition of what i'm talking about over here. Okay it's entirely possible and you see it a lot especially if you editor or if you just do a lotta reading of short pieces of things story homes etc where the rider you can really tell from reading it. They seem to be struggling onto rearranging of the vocabulary and trying to be clever with the form and maybe even make a couple of good points. But there's a distance. Dare i honestly think that this happens. A great deal in writing and a lot of people suffer because of this stop writing because they just don't know what's going on and why they're having such a problem that the problem is simply this. We're gonna talk about this throughout the show. But i distance is formed when the person is not doing enough. This means the writer to not do enough to invest themselves Their passion their desires. Their ideas Their fears and hopes Their faith even their dreams and what they're writing it just becomes a piece that's across the room somewhere and they throw little paint on it now and then and hope it comes out to be a great picture. That's really what happens at metaphorically when this goes on. I get a lot of writing this way where you can tell you know that. They're not invested in what they're writing now. The biggest problem with something like this from an editor standpoint. Is that one time not. You can't use something like this. It just has only to it. It seems like it's lifeless. You know. I mean in painting you can have a still life. You can't have that in writing. Writing needs to have a sense of motion a sense of going somewhere but it. It can't be so distant from the writer that you can literally tell from reading it. Wow that's flat. Oh wow do they even care. Or wow what what. The heck is this. I don't feel anything from it now. You could write artistic things. Hell you could even write scientific things.

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