A highlight from June 10th: JBS ransomware attack HR 1


Believe we might have been on the edge of the path. But as i said it was pretty much a bust here people in canada northern canada greenland beria. Well they were expecting to observe that ring of fire eclipse. This is when the moon obscure the center the sun to create that bright circular fringe of sunlight around a dark distance. It's pretty darn cool and folks sunny eastern seaboard in for example new york philadelphia and even toronto. They expected to see a partial eclipse under pretty cool pictures. Emerging this morning this as the moon began to cross in front of the sun at twelve a m eastern daylight time and was expected to continue its transit for about five hours though the eclipse even for those that were privy to seeing. The eclipse is visible only briefly at any given any given location. Now i referenced this earlier with my bigalow green tea box and ring of fire viewer. Oh i mean it is a de luxe and i actually used it Speaking of clips. That didn't amount to something that august twenty first. Two thousand seventeen eclipse. Do you remember that. I remember sitting there with my back to the sun using my bigalow green team box and ring afire viewer and i remember how eerie it was. The sky's got dark. And you could actually feel. The temperature dropped. That was back on august. Twenty first twenty seventeen june tenth clips didn't even come close to that. The most recent total solar eclipse occurred last december last seen by people in argentina and chile. The next one will occur in december. But we're kind of aced out of that one as well in the skies over in artika now last angular as they referred to it annually solar eclipse before. Today's occurred back on june twenty first twenty twenty. It was visible according to a piece in the wall street journal in africa asia and south eastern europe. The next will occur. Do something to look forward to on october. Fourteenth twenty twenty three. It will be visible in central and south america. Wait for it. And the western u. s. We can only hope now. This eclipse such as it was came fifteen days after the year's only total lunar eclipse which many referred to as the super flower blood moon aright. Speaking of things that went bust and please all of you. Huggins go easy this morning on brady hall. He's not going to be a happy camper as he hosts the whole show from noon to two. This as the son's shellacked. The nuggets once again to take to zip zero nada zilch series lead. Yeah sons plastered the nuggets one. Twenty three to ninety eight. I actually watched the game last. I was texting brady on. I'm like i'm going to watch this. Because i'm i'm feeling good about this swine you know we just had Nicola yoga rich declared the mvp of the n. b. a. the first winner from the nuggets. And i'm thinking all the proverbial stars have line. No the phoenix suns are pretty tough and i will readily admit no. I can't i can't even come close to The extent of brady halls knowledge when it comes to basketball and his expertise and understanding of the game. But i could tell that somehow the nuggets just They didn't seem like they were even present. It seemed as though they were kind of phoning it in. And i mean that with all due deference and respect check me on this if i'm wrong nine seven

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