Automatic Identification of Outlier Galaxy Images

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Shamir from kansas state university. I invited you on to talk about the paper automatic identification of outliers in hubble space telescope galaxy images. So a lot of fun stuff to get into maybe to start. I think everybody knows a little bit about the hubble telescope. Could you tell us about the data we get back from it. Are these just. Png files or what are you. Start from caso. It will happen space. says civil instruments on hubble space telescope not just the main camera but it collects all sorts of the we know the hubble deep field which is when freeing that was one segment of the sky was going for civil days very long exposure goldie but other surveys done by hubble space telescope and i was i into the cosmos survey of several shirley lodge survey covering a relatively large part of the sky explains the cosmos was to score degrees. Doesn't sound but in help terms this. Because bill goes really deep deeper than guam-based those scopes. So that's what. I covered the data that you get his image data that i used incomes informants feats debts former. That is very common in a strong meets. Not very common outside feels strongly but that's the standard format of astronomy eats. Uniqueness is that it allows to make the metric measurements for the day dining j. peg form. It's like that we often use. I know in image netease like that. We cannot remake safety for to metric measurements because the dynamic range. Compression away the feeds. That's a each week. Salihi is represented by in algebra. Be in one by twitch channel but actually it's quite a day name. Acquaintances allows medical measurements.

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