Natarsha March:Utilise Video to Build a Successful Newborn Photography Business

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You'll background was with tv. And it sounds like video video editing. How did you know to build the khanda website that you have and has that been a slow evolution or did you sort of hit the ground running with the web saw another that had to be a big focus. Yeah absolutely sorry. I am very computer illiterate. I'm on say really. Avoiding really hundred present also taught in terms of website so i have built my website hundred percent from scratch on wax and i built it about it on wax because wicks free and for about the first year even had like all the ads and stuff on an early days very early of the business when it was just sort of my friends that were sort of booking and that but then what happened was out of time the you do something he get at it. And so while. I wasn't shooting high numbers and high volume. I was working on the behemoth of my business sir during the kids naps and when their own the dice that they were at daycare or you know sometimes it was always something that fascinated me and i am the sort of person that loves to learn and loves to know how to do something for myself. Sorry thankfully wicks as a website is actually really drag and drop. Its really simple and it just makes sense to me. And then they did start to incorporate html cartons are dr. How courage but do i ever need to. Hired is probably not if i do. I just outsource that. So it's one of the few things that i do outside of my

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