A highlight from The 'Special Relationship' Gets Personal


In politics for thursday june tenth twenty twenty one president biden and uk. Prime minister boris johnson. Meet face to face as they try to redefine the us uk alliance. We'll discuss that. Plus biden's five hundred million vaccine donation to the world and finally representative. Ilhan omar comes under fire again for comments about israel president biden. We'll spend part of his first full day abroad in meetings with uk. Prime minister boris johnson. And cornwall head of a later g seven meeting now. This is incredibly important. You have two very different men. Leading to countries whose relationship makes one of the most important global alliances as they both seek to redefine and strengthen this alliance. It's worth looking at the personal history. That'll be at play here because it's been kind of intense former president trump and prime minister. Boris johnson have been subject to frequent comparisons for the populist messages. And they're often brash. Comments and while. Brian was running for president. He called johnson a quote physical and emotional clone of donald trump. So far today. They're interactions have been nothing but pleasant alexa great great. Welcome you cool. But where do both leaders go from there. In a preview of the meeting the white house said that biden will touch on a host of topics ranging from the corona virus pandemic and climate change to financing global infrastructure in the developing world and maintaining a diplomatic presence in afghanistan. The list goes on according to the uk government. Boris johnson who is hosting this year's g seven summit will focus on ways for the world to quote build back better from corona virus as well as tackling climate change. Now if the slogan build back. Better sounds vaguely familiar to you. That's because it's a key. Phrase biden has used to define his goals for america now. The biden johnson relationship will be one to watch over the course of his presidency for multiple reasons including their disagreements on policy fronts for one biden oppose brexit and northern ireland's role as part of britain's exit from the european union biden has long been skeptical of brexit and holds deep affection for ireland which is his in central homeland and national security advisor. Jake sullivan says biden. Plans to bring up northern ireland during his meeting with johnson. This is biden's first foray into the global stage as president and it might involve some tension with a key us ally. We'll watch to see how manages this relationship

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