A highlight from Episode 268: Lisa Boothe One-on-One with Jon Voight

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To buck the far-left hollywood establishment. He's a wonderful storyteller. Always entertaining always insightful. And today i asked him about his upbringing. His career how he got into acting and of course the state of our country with that. I want to welcome the great jon. Voight to the truth. With lisa booth mr boy. It is my honor. It is my pleasure to speak with you. It's a pleasure to be speaking with you. I've been impressed with you. You know Down through the years even so you don't wanna set and express my appreciation of what you do and it's good to talk to you. Thank you so for no so. I met mr boy onset. When i was a guest co hosting on fox and friends and you are so kind so humble and just exceptionally kind. That was something that really stood out to me after meeting. You just how nice you worked to everyone including myself. Well good for me. Good for me to me. it's much it's much better than the alternative right. You bet you bet. Listen nice to be on fox channel. When i am and i pay attention to it and i've watched your you know work over the years now a couple of years and he chewed just terrific. So it's always nice to see your face in your presence on the various shows. Do well thank you sir. That huge honor and huge will make coming from you. So i really appreciate it you know i think sometimes i mean you'll cure huge hollywood star. You had a incredibly long career in incredibly successful career. And so i think sometimes when someone has been out in the public so so long they kind of forget you. Who is jon voight. Like what was your. What was your childhood like growing up tells a little bit about your upbringing. I will i was just going to say you know. Life is very short people. Say that all the time to two little kids and little kids just thinking. Oh my god is going to be so long before i get to be eighteen or unity so wants so much to to advance and grow and all of that and life is very short and a career is very short and one point. me some young lady yesterday. Who was kari grant. And i couldn't believe that. I was listening to this because in my lifetime he was You know such splendid part of our lives watching his great movies. And i couldn't believe that the kids didn't know him you know and i'm like that now. I'm getting older and so new ones are coming forth and and It's just interesting to look back on different things anyway. I i've forgotten the question. What was your childhood growing up. What what were your parents like. So what my child. I grew up in yonkers youngest new york and i had two brothers we were. We were a threesome. We were only a year apart. That was in the middle and From the earliest time we we were all rambunctious shis very active three kids and my at each one of us went our different ways. My my younger brother came Enamored of music and And went on to be a singer songwriter. And he wrote wild thing and angel of the morning and many great hits and he's still writing today and he's he's a wonderful he's in the you know songwriters hall of fame and stuff and my older brother. Barry was always when he was a young fellow was out with his uncle who had come back from the service this is in the forties and he would go on camping trips and stuff and he was very interested in nature and he would take photographs of the natural world and different animals and stuff and and he became a geologist and a A well-known vulcanologist volcano expert. and he's. he's been faded and put into a major society in the scientific society very elite society. And all of that. So the kids we each of us in our child who gave evidence of what we wanted to be and we were given encouragement kids to follow. You know whatever Wherever our loves took us. And i as a kid was very playful. The glue in the family in a certain sense for the children. Because i i kind of negotiate between my two brothers who both are fierce energies and And we had a lot of fun. And i playful and i would make up games to play and i would. When television came along in the fifties. I started Who watching a saturday night. Show hour and a half show called the show of shows your show of shows and it starts sid caesar imaging coca and carl reiner and howard march those four and It was written. This show was very popular at that time. And it was written by. Mel brooks Woody allen Neil simon all of the great comedy writers were part of that show and so i had a very.

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