A highlight from Keeping up with the Cardassians


On your sensors are correct. Do not adjust your heading. You've discovered the omega particle streaming to the alpha quadrant in beyond beyond. Here's your host. The anchorman the doctor of lithium. This is jonathan weekend. Welcome to the amiga gracious and humble host jonathan wiegand with talent on loan from god. Welcome to the show today. We are streaming across the fruited plains. That is the alpha quadrant and today. We're going to be going into another species kind of episode. But it's going to be unlike the ones we've done in prior episodes prior species. I we've done on the board and the klingons but this is going to be completely different as a one hit wonder one episode and yes today we are talking about the cardi's the spoon heads is chief miles. O'brien would call them and is a derogatory term. Linda to fictional race does matter okay but Anyway so it's good to be back. Sorry about the delay. i actually. I'm if my voice sounds different. This is why actually like some of my vo courts and my my neck muscles because i was Long story short stifled sneeze. Wrong way. which. I'd never done Randomly in it's it's kind of caused me this big long recovery period so try not to get into too much talking for long periods of time. So but it's good to be back molehill dot praise the lord and we are gonna go strong and hard after these courtesy before we get into the episode of wendy huge shout absolutely humongous shout out and actually recorded an entire product. Reveal assode about this but it is. It just did. If i was not in the my voice was not in the shape to produce that To force productions to wolf they're amazing amazing products. Definitely check it out. It's at deep force. Productions dot com He actually connected on instagram and actually sent me some of his like amazing home. Action called homewards of business. But he actually sent me some of his Romulus ale and klingon blood wine that hebrews and produces. And i've gotta tell you that stuff is off the chain. It was amazing i know. He's getting his His store is up. So i will definitely reach out to him again. Deep force productions. You can find him on instagram I've shared his stuff multiple times in my profile. Definitely check him out. I'm gonna put his information in this episode tags. You can definitely Go to his website. Follow up. I highly recommend the romulo. Nail was amazing and the klingon wind was interesting. It was very interesting but it was very good. I'm not really a wind version. But i definitely will always keep these pride and joy of my alcoholic collection. It's it's a great piece of your star trek fan of highly recommend them and he even came with great like recipes and how to mix it with certain stuff and it was. It was absolutely amazing. So shadow to wolf there. When do huge shadow. To i know some of you may not be in the crypto game but huge shadow to safe moon. We've been talking with safe. Moon possible sponsorships coming up so keep out and look for them but they are.

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