A highlight from WellsCast: Katie Stevens

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Bill. Good day so excited about today's episode. And tell you why. I always interview people who i think are interesting and cool and i want to hear their story but i very rarely interview people who are actually my friends and i think that we do that for a couple of reasons. One i don't like to ask my friends to come on the show. 'cause the second i gotta ask for a favor you know just. I don't do it so i don't book this show have the good people over at i. Heart booked the show for me. And you know every once in a while the stars will align. And i'll get someone on the show who is like the actual friend of mine and then it kind of raises the stakes for me. Because i don't want to sound stupid from my friends you know. Don't you think i'm good at this. Whom gathering judge me. But i'm not really worried about that. Because our guest today really is one of the most wonderful women i've ever met in the entire world. She is the sweetest nicest the most talented. And she's a dear dear friend of my fiance and bhai rules of modern day relationships. If so fact so she is now a close friend of mine. Her story is crazy wasn't the typical like grew up in calabasas. Uncle was a producer. Gutter on some show. No she worked. Har- started off on a reality. Show that really focused on her singing. I think she kinda thought that was going to be your path until she realized that maybe music wasn't her and acting was very few people have been able to pivot from american idol to lead of very very popular. Tv show choose able to do it. Her story bonkers. She's absolutely lovely. Let's get into it. One of my favorite people in the world the star of the bull type my portaghi sister katie stevens here on the wells cast guys as one. You are not

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