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Hey hey everybody was. Doug i loved miller reid jordan. This is a love fest called douglas movies and my guest. Today are ab miller rv marine at saw jordan. Hello happy sunday. May thirtieth twenty twenty one memorial day weekend. Everybody were almost halfway through this asshole. I said here twenty. Twenty one i think is an asshole. Twenty twenty was an itchy asshole. Yes i think your. Yeah so we're still got lot of work to do. There's a lot of bad things but there's good things all on the horizon and let me list them right now. Alphabetically in her eighty seventh appearance. It's amy miller. Well hey that real. That's make them up. As i go i am not a statistician from orlando hundred. Yeah i i have been off i. Sometimes it's fun. I'll say somebody's three or four times. I'll say this is their thirtieth parents and they really surreal. Gaslight situation there could get confused and sad So how many times do you think you've been on ardenne marine everybody. I'm gonna guess. I've been on this probably number six. Okay great good. That's all right. I think it's about number six. But i think it's a i think here you know right on the money if i had to guess and I'm going to be. I've been appearing as many ties. Maybe a few more on your podcast. Will you accept this rose and We are going lives. Yeah on friday this writing at dynasty typewriter and also livestreamed. If you're not in los angeles we're doing. Doug is my rookie of the year of the year of twenty twenty one it's a bachelor bachelorette podcast and so this friday. Because the show starts a week from tomorrow we are doing. Draft picks live at dynasty typewriter. Where we go through all of the suitors for the upcoming bachelorette we pick our top. Three are villain are drunk on the first night thirstiest and who's going to be the next bachelor be great. I love love. Love draft picks and bury into sports me to famous i love goals and baskets i love. Sports are actually both wearing jerseys. Right now you guys can't see this guy out. I am wearing a hockey jersey right. I'm a huge hockey. Fan fits nicely. I just wear this with like a normal enormous like muscle pants. And that's how. I celebrate memorial day foam finger a finger everywhere which actually help during the pandemic because it kept my hands. Clean m picturing you opening doors in public with phone to. I went to trader. Joe's fully fully mast with two fingers for all of twenty twenty and it was great. It was great. I'm number one number. Two number eleven. A lot of comedians are saying. Like good riddance. Zoom shows you know. We don't have to do shows on the internet anymore. But i'm happy to do them if it's going to keep the unvaccinated at home. I agree with you. And that's why we're people have to prove double vaccination to come next week at at dynasty typewriter. Because i don't want. I don't somebody's nanna getting killed from. I don't want to be like a superspreader event just to pick bachelors. You know that said. I'm not trying to kill. Somebody's now to figure out. Like what hairless man is going to come in number five. Yeah i just wish the old fashioned you know what superspreader used to mean could come back. What is i. Don't know something gross so nicely. I super super lady kid likes. She capable their legs opened. You both my mind. She is so saw. This is setting up sean jordan. Beautifully casillas here as well. Hey sean up dog. You have a margaret a baby. Yeah man we're having a daughter in like days. Yeah i'm stoked wild your first baby. Yeah he knows about thank see a person. Hey it's been some. Some teenager in south dakota looks a lot like sean walking around catch more. Catch us a lab score. What my dad didn't well know more importantly than your impending fatherhood you're gonna be on the bill me is my Act as we like to say at the tacoma comedy club yawn saturday. I mean. excuse me. Sunday july eleventh. Yeah i got the from the queen to dip out even though she will have a brand new baby yeah. That's what i'm concerned about is just as you get closer to that date. I still like the two of you. Bullets are gonna feel differently about you driving. If you are way to do a comedy show it. Senate being with your brand new baby Definitely discussed it. And i love. I went in like. Obviously you have the ultimate say. So that's you know so she. She's cool with as long as everything is on the on the trajectory that it should be. It'll be alright. I'll make myself available at night. Doug because he's he's only going to be two hours. That's why i asked him to do it. But i just didn't when i found out that the babies can be born a few days before also like what. If you know who knows what's going to happen is what's going to happen plenty elat healthy deliveries so that can happen as well. You're going to they. we We have like an induction day and everything. It's yeah we're we're like into coma. It's going to be out here. Show is your show. Does we one of those weirdos that brings their baby. You're on stage gotta start early. Get her up there at are out there. Yes i- induction day just reads. It sounds lever to join the army. Katelyn man stand up and people have brought infants toddlers. I've been at shows and there's like babies running around and that's that's hard doodo jokes in someone's yard the other day. I was doing a show and there were two like twelve year olds and it's just weird. They hear. the parents had a couple of jokes. And that would be the cue to like maybe dip out with your twelve year olds but they didn't they stuck around in there like they said even after the show they're like they got to hear it sometimes and i heard the jokes and it's like no they don't they don't need to hear that 'cause i figured it makes everyone everyone else so tense and uncomfortable because everyone sees the to who've your holes in it's like yeah it's weird. Yeah i just wrap it up as the filthiest set i've ever done. Yeah because i just can't help myself and do you know it's funny. I thought we did we did. We did tell them to bring their children. you know. so that's what's going to happen. I would love to see you do that. I'm gonna borrows borough baby to

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