2020 Draft Re-Grade: Western Conference


All right will. Let's start with the minnesota timberwolves at the number one pick in the draft. They drafted anthony edwards one leandra bomar morrow twenty-three made a trade with the lakers that ultimately landed them jade mcdaniels at twenty eight. I give him a b plus on draft night and primarily digging them because they didn't take the top guy in my board. lamelo ball. Tony what did you think about draft on draft night. And what do you think about it. season later or. I don't remember what grades i gave. I know i gave a nor gave him a high grade For for anthony edwards But i'm going even higher. I'm going to give them in a For the address of our anthony which has been I think he's gonna turn out to be better than we thought. I think these He his rate of improvement over. The season has been Very very very noticeable. I think he's improved The one thing that that i want worried about going into the draft was his ability off the dribble. And i don't think he has any issues off the dribble He's he's a dog. I love how he gets after it. you know but one of the reasons why i wanna give minnesota at a is because of the practice jay mcdaniels You know he's he's exactly what i thought he was. Which is a guy who's losing with ability losing talent I was shocked at how good jay mcdaniels was. Defensively shocked

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