A Buddhist Approach to Patience With Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche


How do you define patients generally speaking when we speak a patients it is sort of understood largely as a green in bed with whatever is happening but in the buddhist teachings in the buddhist a practice of course maybe initially you might have to kind of do that. A little bit y. You're being agitated while you're being irritated. Nyu feel few need to react. And you pass beyond that point if you could just be present with what's happening in your in the mental and emotional level then is much. Do actually with the hull. Do you actually constructively respond to the situation. Thou is always close this from this book. If there's something you could do why to worry all why to lose your temper if there's nothing you could do. Then what's the benefit so you come to sort of explore y'all own sort of internal innate wisdom to see whether there is something that you could and if there is something you could remedy then tried to sort of get on with that. Skillful means and then not lose your self to the kind of emotional self destructive any kind of pain fool state of hangul resign mental even if you don lash it out because he should should out. Then it's going to be much more problematic but even if you don lash out if you just kind of stained state sort of eats up a lot of your own peace and a lot of your own sense of well being so in tried to sort of move on with what you do to kind of remedy the situation and then come to the other side so much to do you know applying yourself to kind of find this malaysians rather than sort of be stuck with emotion.

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