A highlight from The French Open Catch-Up: Draws Preview - Big 3 together; Tsitsipas in open bottom half; Barty/Swiatek collision course; Osaka's media no thanks; Bublik-Medvedev R1 madness; How will Serena do?; Predictions + CAS announced!


Gentlemen. Welcome to the passing show. Joe kim supported by the tennis live scores on today's french. Open preview the big three. Oh land in the same hough. Balti- is on a collision course. And they amy. A soccer decides to skip the media a came. The french open is upon us. Roland-garros starts this weekend very very exciting. The second grand slam of the year and fittingly. You are ready to go back from your holidays. I am indeed. Yeah had a nice little break in a caravan which is lovely at thank you ever say much to the lovely for stepping in. He was absolutely fantastic. Say yeah big thankfully for filling in for me and yeah i'm back so israeli garros joe and Well actually it's quite weird. Because i feel that we just had roland garros because obviously it was in like october last year. So it's we haven't had to wait a full calendar year. I think the madness is just another tennis. Calendar is just generally mad anyway. But i genuinely feel the actual. Tennis madness is about to begin given the quickness we're going to be going from clay into cross it's just going to be absolutely on onslaught and it's starting. It's starting sunday and we have some draws to talk about. We do indeed and we begin with as before without further. Because it's got a lot to discuss. I think and let's start with the menstrual because i guess the most nasal thing is that the big three roger rafa navy. They are all in the palm drawers. That's very lopsided for these big names and essentially the reason for that is because rafeh is the third seed not the second seed which i think many people would have expected or she seemed and therefore he's not necessarily going to be on a different side of the draw from jovic his his main rival and then of federal coming into coming into play as well as say landed in the same half. So you kind of a very topsy. Turvy menstrual what is came out. I felt like there was just massive outrage the tennis community. I felt like everyone was sort of expecting or anticipating a jakovich nidal final. But the reality is we're not going to get that You know the big three all in the same hof yet. It's so of opened up that that balsam hof which will c- come onto. I mean what was your gut feeling is a hearing that as an adult fan. I mean we also have angry. Actually i was like. How can this debate. It doesn't it doesn't feel right. You know dow number three seed. The french open something. He's one third was thirteen times before it. It just didn't sound right yeah. It's a bit as a refund for me. I'm always wondering which. Paul unique djokovic in relation to raffarin i think the consensus is that yes. Okay to win roland garros. You're probably going to have to beat djokovic at some point anyway be the semi finals or the final but we was in previous years. You know the likes of dominate team. Have you know removed. Jovic from the equation at the semifinals day. Which is probably please rapper. Fans but at the end of the day you have to beat the other play on the other side of the net and probably gonna have to beat djokovic at some point and potentially that would you know i. It really doesn't matter. I think overall in the grand scheme of things. They've met in semifinals many times before know. This isn't the first time we've seen that happen. The what we all say the first. I've noticed that the big three all in the same half of a grand slam. Say they've never been all three of them in the same half before which is quite exciting but yeah for for rafeh in particular yes. It's a shame that medvedev is seconds. Eight on the other side of the job. I think we should underestimate players on the other side of the draw or just ashim that that's an easy side of the drawer Whoever comes through that has no tool. I think that would be fab because as a whole host of quality players in the other half clearing dominate. Savings as it's a pass on mevdev verify it's it does feel very much like big three on one side gen on the other. It light using that expression next time. Because it's not radi say relevant. Now you know what i mean. Yeah exactly i mean. Let's let's start with the top quarter. Then on novak djokovic because we we saw seeing as the favor and jock of each. Really as the daphne as the second favorite. He's in belgrade. This week is in. He's into the final surprise surprise. I mean his re is quite a think is quite generous actually you know he's potentially tennis angered in the first round thing. That's quite easy. could come up against que- or cuevas in round two. I mean so of only really. I think gets tricky getting to the quarter finals. I mean he could. Face david goffin in the fourth round. I don't think that's happening. David go funds His level the season suggest to me. He's going to get to the full road garros but i think from their source of gets a bit more interesting because he could face federal nicole finals yet. Well actually joe. He's gonna leased caruso the third round chatting a matchup between karusa on navy in the third round. It could happen. It's not it doesn't seem out completely out of the out of the rubble. spins eum. Increase has duck james duckworth in the first round so could easily come through that and then brand kisamba. I mean i could. I could definitely see crews say go on a career maybe even a career defining run to the third row against your bitch. He might have his dentist moment. But i mean perhaps i. I feel like italian players. Maybe onto something over the next fortnight. We've just had italy. winning eurovision. the tennis players may have become inspired by that and we might see them doing wonders country as well. I'm yes no genuinely they jovic

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