A highlight from EP. 531 - It's NOT Your Fault It's Your Responsibility!


It some tribe. That's all broken down looking like funny. With that shit man The show is ninety. Fiance juryman from nigeria. Yeah that show. He he's not a good representation. Looks horrible is this your people. Insieme of man are we on. Yeah we're on. Okay sick yeah. Sick is bigger. We own because one shouldn't say anymore. I think do one day. We should have this conversation cast but we should talk about whether a white dude's are clicking on the bbc videos or not you need to give them context now. You can't just switch topics they're got have a little bit of context needs to be any context. It's just i mean. I would imagine percentage wise that most people that look at porn or men right think so far wire men clicking on the giant. Dick's right well. I guess you don't wanna watch a guy a little dick who maybe doesn't make sense but maybe pick something in the middle. I butcher it. But i remember a buddy of mine. Talk about a comedian. Doing a skit about like an insert like a macho man from south talking about i. I'm not gay and it's like do you watch porn. Well yeah like the dude isn't hard. Are you going to like that. No it's gotta be like. But i thought you weren't gay. What is the penis. Have anything to do with it. And he's i engage. That's a great joke. Because it's real you ain't gonna lost like what like he has to be hard the

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