A highlight from How The Flaming Lips Bring The Warmth Of Concerts To Crowds, Despite The Pandemic

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This is world cafe. I'm rena dora's the most memorable live show i've ever seen was the flaming lips. It was in toronto. It was june twenty twelve. It was the same day radiohead show. There was canceled after one of their drum tax was killed in a tragic stage claps and it was a week after a shooting in a popular mall. In toronto's downtown core city was shaken it was tender but thousands of people still gathered to watch the flaming lips. Play a free show in the square right outside that very same mall. And what we all witnessed. Was this celebration. It was colorful. There was confetti music love. It was this life-affirming feeling of warmth and humanity. That seemed to remind everyone there that while the world can be scary and dark place we still have each other. It was healing it always bordered on religious and that's not an unusual way for someone to describe the flaming lips show. Today i get a chance to talk to wayne coyne. Frontman of the flaming lips but their new album. American head which was recorded right before the pandemic and about how they've been able to continue bringing that live celebratory experience to audiences during the pandemic safely in a time when that warmth and humanity might be needed more than ever you'll also hear some of those live performances starting with this the opening track from american head the flaming lips. Willie return when you come down Sir do now oh strowman Took the

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