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My name is melanie homes in a actually teach middle school fulltime. I am a sixth grade. Social studies teacher. Also teach the social studies department How to become better teachers in the teacher coach but other than that. I am a fulltime grant. Soon at howard and my major is the african diaspora. But i have concentrate on power and my minor is us history. I've had a few classes already with melanie. she's crazy. Smart and studying black power is an emphasis for her. She took some time with me to help me make sense of all this. H you you know. I am so so crunchy so melanie. What the black power originally mean so. That's such a loaded question. But it's also very simple at the same time whenever i think of black power whether i'm reading about Different power individuals or organizations Whether they were even in the dimension era of the black power movement in the nineteen sixties there are three core values that kind of out Which are resistance self-determination in race pride or cultural pride And i think if you don't mind the elaborating a little bit I think that when you have such an oppressed group of people as black people throughout the diaspora have historically been when the oppressor. Here's that group of people demanding power base start to get scared because they know and they've been messing up and they haven't been fair They haven't been treating people the way they want to be treated in so they think revenge they think. Oh they want what we have And take it in and they're going to take it violently in so we should be scared but stokely carmichael has said in several of his speeches that it's it's not about violence But at the same time there is a kind of an attitude of by any means necessary. So it doesn't have to be a prescription for only violence but if it so happens to come to that we're okay with it. Do you think that white allies and white liberals were turned off from embracing black power. So i'm not so sure that they were turned off toward embracing black power. Because because there is a speech that stokely carmichael gave to white students at uc berkeley and he's talking su- supposedly liberal audience again of white students and he's telling them what they can do if they're so interested in helping the black power 'cause like you need to go back into your own communities and organize them And i so. I'm and then we had white soon snicks. The student nonviolent coordinating committee before it became a an all black organization than we had integrated freedom riders where black and white students would try to integrate the Against the the transportation system of going from the north to the south and white people in sit ins so And then there is a radical group of white people call the letterman so they they had their own We had their own way of fighting the system. And and. I think that i think that when we're talking about white allies they. They don't have to be allies in the same organizations as black people. I think that some pushback against that was really about. Okay you can help us. But you can't lead the movement you know we're the ones who are demanding this or you can't Jump in and start trying to call the shots or lead the organizations you you can get with us in stand beside us but you can't enter front of us and lead us move in some. I think a lot of people were a lot of let power individuals the black panther party for instance We newton one of the cofounders. Was saying you know we. We will appreciate your help your financial contributions your your leadership in your own ways We need to do this on our own and again going back to. What black power means the the race pride. The self determination Self-determination was so big. It's saying that we want to be the people who dictate our communities in so in that tenant of black power itself You can have white allies but you kind of have to go by our direction. So i i wouldn't say that i wouldn't say that they were turned off to it. I think that in a way Black people were turned off to white people trying to run the show so they wanted. How you know the more the merrier but again go onto your own communities organiz your own people and and turn turn the turn the the naysayers the people were scared or misconstruing the idea that powered a get them straight so that they understand what we really mean. It kind of reminds me of the whole black lives matter all lives matter. Argument is like come on. Nobody's saying that white lives don't matter but we're just saying that black lives matter to also in addition to your so let power didn't mean no power to white people It's saying that we want some political power to we want some education to want community usually once safety. We want Good jobs all while all of what you have to in. And i think that people didn't want to hear what it really meant. They just wanted to believe the hype. Well since you mentioned black lives matter. I want to ask you if you can explore the relationship between black power and the black lives matter movement today. You know what i think i think that and i keep hitting this home and i just want to say you know when i keep repeating resistance and race pride and self determination. Those are three

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