Former Columbine Students Recount the Day of the Shooting


What maybe we should talk about the pink elephant in the room like you. Well megan and care like where were you the day that you heard of things going down at columbine college dorm room i was home getting ready to leave and my boyfriend at the time who family our police officers called me and said something was happening auto. Just think in weight and just watching on the news. I was in art class. Oh i was upstairs on the other end of the building next to the principal off the offices and so the fire alarm went off and mr de actually ran to our doors. There was a door going outside from the art room and he i remember him grabbing my shoulder. And saying like you need to get out. This isn't a drill and we walked out turning around to look for smoke and and that's when we saw everybody running crying and so we went to commit park and waited and watched the swat teams. Pull up. And i remember saying like this is crazy. Like why is this something huge. Just probably happening somewhere else. I mean we had no idea no idea because we at the opposite end of the building and the teachers told us to just walk home or go somewhere in. My parents lived right behind the school. But we didn't want to walk to my house because we're like what if there are people in their shooting and they get out and start running around my neighborhood in kelly's dad at that point had pulled up and he's like he knew she was safe and so he took me and we went to try and find my parents and at that time our triage was that lee would elementary school but trying to get there with all the road. Closures i mean. We ended up parking in somebody's driveway and running the air. And i remember just walking around seeing people and how ironic it was that we were in my old elementary school and that this was happening meeting with my neighbors who we were really close with and they couldn't find their kids and because they were in the library and in the teachers lounge him so my parents finally were there and we went home and we had like fifty five messages on their answering machine. And we are watching. You know answering machine and it's like we think we were watching the tv in

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