Ear Seeds: Can These Sparkly Accessories Improve Your Health?

Art Beauty


Your seats. I don't know if everybody listening has ever heard of them. I had never heard of them. When you and i were chatting a pre chat you mention them and is somebody who is a big fan of acupuncture. I'm surprised that they've never heard about this. So why don't we start with this. What are your seeds. I have some. Here's if you're watching this right now. They're not like little tiny plants that you're gonna put in growing your ears Can you tell us what they are yet has and the good news is that it's a hundred percent safe okay on if you don't feel safe so they are You put them on with an. He says they They do not. It's not like acupuncture where it's a needle and punctures. The ear they are. These little ear is like amber showing you and we have different points on the year. Someone show you my ear. So the ear is like a micro ecosystem and so depending on where you're having a health challenge. There is a corresponding quaint on the ear inn. Acupressure point where we'll take those ear seeds and stick him on that ear point the acupressure points and we give it a good massage and we always suggest Two to four year seeds on each year. So whatever we do to the left ear working due to the right year. So there's that

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