Customizable Nail Art Designs With Color Camp

Gloss Angeles


Kirby gear nails young girl. Check these out. Wow others flowers on there. Are those present want. Yeah they're daisies. Those are amazing. Who makes them there from color camp owing love love. yeah so color. Camp is a nail salon based here in la. And it's on. Beverly obviously they were closed for a majority of the pandemic and they kind of pivoted their business. Now they have this lake booming. Press on glue on business. They're not cheap. They're like fifty bucks or so depending on what you get if you get nail art and stuff. But i'd ordered a pair from them. Before and i thought it was a really cool concept like they send you these little clear acrylic process to try and you measure them to all your nails and then you go online and you like okay. My thumb is an eight. My index finger is a seven. And you do it individually for each hand so like one of my thumbs. The nail bed is smaller than the other thumb. So it's like okay. Cool great and then i'm an idiot and i measured them to small and i wrote them and told them like hey like i'm actually in pain wearing these thales. What to do. And they're just they were really. Oh we're going up your sizes and send you a new pack. So they did and then they threw in like an extra one. There was like wait. This is great customer service. So then i ordered again and they're reusable glue on so if one popular like file your nail and glue it back on in your good can hear that and some of it all. But they're super. Long the i was gonna say unless you're like cardi b. kylie jenner and have an assistant. How are you using your dawn power. Wash washing dishes with those nails

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