Pipeline Companies Try to Avoid Regulation, Despite Major Hack


More than eleven thousand gas stations across the southeast. Remain out of gas panic. Buying has drained over half the stations in north carolina and nearly seventy percent of the pumps in washington. Dc this comes. Five days after the colonial pipeline resumed operations after a ransomware hack forced shutdown tomorrow congress will launch a pipeline security bill to prevent future outages. But critics say. It's still missing. Some major safeguards marketplace's scott. Tong kicks us off when something goes wrong with the pipeline like the colonial pipeline hack companies. Do not have to tell the government electricity companies to and if there's a plane incident airlines have to open up the government. Investigators says rob kentucky is a former top cybersecurity as to president obama. They will be doing everything they could to understand what happened. And then they would rapidly sharing that information with other airlines so those airlines could prevent the same thing from happening to that. That's not at all what's happening with this pipeline incident instead. It's a volunteer system of protecting data and sharing information. There are no government mandates or fines just recommendations in the bill in congress would keep it that way thing is a recent survey of pipeline companies. Found that just eight percent actively share information with the rest of the industry and the government that's a woefully low number indie lee at the law firm jones walker. Did this survey. There's not enough charity. And there are too few sticks to ensure that our pipeline industry stakeholders are actively engaging in the budget fan to make sure that they are say. This isn't a new fight nine years ago. Oil and gas lobbyists fought off mandatory rules and now energy trade groups are again. Seeing the industry should oversee itself mark weatherford is dubious strategy head at the national cyber security center which advises government officials. I am not a fan of regulation. And i hate to say this. But you know it's been proven over and over again. That companies are simply not going to self regulate when the public safety is at stake. He says the government needs a bigger role

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