How the Olympics Is Working to Be More Environmentally-Friendly

Environment: NPR


Organizers. Have pledged the games will be safe from the pandemic. they also say they'll be environmentally friendly. Npr's anthony kuhn takes a closer look at that claim last month. Grandiose music's welded a ceremony to unveil symbols of olympic sustainability when simple comes courtesy of olympic sponsor procter and gamble stanislav vesa. Ceo of png's. Japan subsidiary introduced the podiums on which athletes will get their medals. The tokyo atlanta twenty podiums are made for use plastic packages directly collected by consumers and then recycled even the gold silver and bronze part of the symbolism. They'll be extracted from recycled cell phones and other gadgets to make the athletes medals but some analysts say the symbolism of sustainability exaggerates the reality unfortunately the data show that stability in all dimensions is decreasing over time from nineteen ninety. Two to twenty twenty. That's fan daniel wolf. At the university of lausanne switzerland he co authored. A study of the sustainability of recent olympic games wolf define sustainable as having limited ecological impact promoting social justice and being economically efficient. These goals he says tend to take a back seat to the ambition to put on dazzling mega events but wolf and some environmental groups. Do give olympic organizers credit for at least trying. Monaco konishi is the climate and energy project leader at wwf japan. She praises the games energy plan. So the extra electricity that is required for the tokyo olympic will be one hundred percent renewable energy and that could be a very good role model for the future olympics. The games will of course still produce carbon emissions. But she says the organizers have already secured more than enough carbon credits to try to offset the greenhouse gases. The games

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