Mayor: Death Toll in Florida Condo Collapse Now 78


The death toll keeps rising at the site of the collapse of the Miami area condominium building fourteen victims were recovered from the rubble on the sixteenth day of searching at the Champlin tower south condo building in Surfside the magnitude of this tragedy is growing each and every day Miami Dade County mayor Danniella Levin Cobb was among those who spoke at the news conference covered by WPLG this brings the total number of confirmed fatalities to seventy eight no one has been pulled out alive since the first hours after the twelve story building fell on June twenty fourth on Thursday officials in Paraguay said that the body of the sister of that country's First Lady was among those found Miami Dade County fire chief Alan Kaminsky says the pile is shrinking certain areas as low as four two and we're still in certain areas for five I'm Jennifer king

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