A Review of the Newest Addition to the MCU: Black Widow


I mean, the Marvel universe. Fans have been waiting for this for months and months and months, and now it's available. In theaters, and it's also on Disney plus so that you can see it there as well. It's going to be the apparently the only black widow films since Scarlett Johansson's character actually died in adventures and came this story has said a little before that. And she goes back to Eastern Europe in order to track down and ruined the great Russian spymaster who made her into a spy in the first place. And she also reunites with her fake family with which you were who she was an undercover spy in the United States in the 19 nineties in order to bring this fellow down, so it's a combination of family drama. Shall we say? With a big action, splashy action movie. I found the intimate moments in this film actually better than the action ones, which are in the typical modern way over cuts so that you can't really tell what's going on a lot of time and just overloaded with C G I the real star of the film, Although Johansson is very good is Florence Pugh. Who plays her younger, so called sister. They were sisters when they were undercover spies, and they unite along with their father and mother in order to bring down this terrible Russian mastermind who still wants to dominate the world with his army of brainwashed young women called widows. Uh, the people who Fans of the far Marvel universe are going to love this film. They're going to go out to it in droves. They're going to pay for it and dizzy. Plus, it's going to be a huge success. But it's really a kind of footnote to the series as a whole. It doesn't advance the overall marble saga very much. And as I say, it's probably a one off for Scarlett Johansson's Who cares whose character unless she miraculously comes to life will have to remain dead after this episode. Alright, that's black Widow Next up, Don Cheadle and

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