A highlight from Mark Bell's Saturday School EP. 34 - Why Mark Wants To Help You


To them fired up. You're you're going to be in my house coming up. Yes kicking it in tahoe. I'm going to change the locks it's going to be you guys aren't getting it back. I know going to be great. I'm i'm so excited. Thank you mall. i should tell you about. There's bears there so yeah I know that you're not normally scared and stuff like that. So it's probably not a problem but hypothetically speaking if he were nervous about stuff then maybe it would affect more. i don't possibly well I guess i'm not because i've never so nervous about trying new protein powder than you are. Yeah encountering yeah. Because what happens if i encounter the bear right after. I've had a protein. A questionable protein shake that gives me you know diarrhea. Now the whole situation is different right. The bears

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