A highlight from Part 1: SportsCenter Corruption, Dawsons Garden, and Listener Calls (ACS June 11)


Now non. Birthing person adam corolla. The ac ended on got to get it on jorge under mandate to get it on for tuning in. Thanks for telling the french. We love that about year right. Gina grad and baldwin. Daddy well speaking of that Dawson is brought in a bounty from his garden excited yes a horn of plenty zucchinis or cucumber. Zucchini grow well and Like we'd yeah. Don't let them go too long. They're like people too small. No good too big freakishly bad. You want that sweet zucchini spa right you gotta get them liam alone man. They just become like a bouncer with a new. Xl sweatsuit man. they just keep they. Just keep going. I when i moved into my first house. That was one of the persons i did. I'm starting a garden and zucchini was one of them. And there's a couple of just let them go and they became the size of like a shoebox and basim mealy feely mass when it gets that bad. Yeah can i please say first of all. I enjoy enjoy tones but i'm enjoying that particular shade of blue on you. Thank you can tell. I cannot because more than nine times shocking inside out it's sort of a royal blue sort of a cyanide. I'm enjoying it. It's becoming it's becoming. Thank you all right summer. Look fine the so a couple things. sandra low was gonna come on sing lung. I guess she she's i gotta go. The bitch is back name of Her show it's a one woman show. We'll take a look at that and talk to her about that. Yeah it's it's you can't find it online anymore. But her she used to have this amazing. I wouldn't call it a show like a segment on the radio called the low-life and she would do these be you to fall sort of stories about like what's going on her life and her kids and her family and i just. I adore her for so many years. This is very exciting well good. We'll play a clip of her on Mar recently and this is her explaining. Menopause explaining menopause on mar so instead of menopause. Being the change. It's actually the return your hormone levels scientifically or the same as they are as a preteen girl actually returning to where you were as a twelve year old when you were like a normal person before the estrogen cloud came down and he started like cutting up sandwiches for people

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