A highlight from The race gap in multigenerational poverty; Census 2020 findings


Here's a shocking statistic about one in five black. American adults in their thirties are experiencing third generation of poverty. Inning day. Their parents and their grandparents are were living in poverty. Just over one percent of white americans are in their third generation of poverty. This is but one of the many important findings in a new report. Both the american enterprise institute and brookings titled long shadows the black white gap in multigenerational poverty co-authored by scott chip christopher pulling him aerial kill roads shero richard reeves and santiago dam rosie on this episode of the brookings cafeteria both scott wind ship of ai. Richard reeves of brookings. Join me to talk about the report. Their findings and ideas to address these gaps. Also on this episode senior. Fellow william fry from the metropolitan policy program at brookings answers a few questions about his new report on city population changes revealed in the twenty twenty cents.

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