WSJ Piece Teaches How to Read the Truth in Chinese Propaganda


With this fantastic piece in the Wall Street Journal showing you how to dig through propaganda. How the Communists How Communist Now the Chinese Communist Party, CCP, How the communist Soviet Union how they work and manipulating the media where there's always an element of truth in his story. You know what it make stuff up out of thin air. You may say, Dan why they're Communists. They do whatever they want. If you don't like it, they kill you. Yeah. But they can't kill everybody at the same time. I mean, seriously, they do have to have some people alive like that's the whole point of having a country. Right. So once in a while you got to feed him a nugget a truth. Little small sliver nugget of truth, and you just manipulate the story. So if you read the story upside down, and you learn to read these propaganda pieces upside down, you will get to the truth. Eventually, they gave a great example. You know, Chinese propaganda say, you know, brave Chinese Communist People's Liberation Army saves eight miners and mining accident Then you find out later the Chinese government caused the accident do faulty safety standards and 150 miners died. Only eight were saying you're like, Well, there was a small nugget of truth in there, but the rest of the story was total bull. You get the rest.

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