A highlight from It May Be Simple, But It Works AND It May Not Be Perfect, But It Works


It's friday it's june in summer is here. Drink it up while we have it because before you know it you're gonna look down in that jug is going to be empty. Winter will be upon us so enjoy the beautiful weather the beautiful skies while we have it time is precious with everything opening up here in the us. You may find yourself frequenting restaurants more than you have in the past year and a half and if you pay attention to the food scene at all you'll notice a trend out there from fast food to casual sit down restaurants. They're all doing this. You don't even have to go to restaurants to notice so you stay at homes like. I'm sure you're aware of this trend. Because you're gonna see ads on signs imprint. Youtubers are going to be talking about it's nba. Instagram it's a jack in the box taco bells applebee's ihop starbucks. All of them. It's extreme menu rotation introducing seasonal in rotational new menu. Items the unicorn frappuccino at starbucks the mic ribbit. Mcdonald's funnel cake carnival at ihop. Why are these companies doing this. And why is this became so much of a thing because it cuts through the noise if you always went to starbucks and they always had the same drinks like woods new winning citing about eventually you know we kind of get burned out on it now. Some of us can eat the same thing for breakfast day after day. I'm in that category. I pretty much eat the same thing for all meals every day but other people like to switch it up in restaurants realized that i think this is probably going back. Maybe years obviously ribs much longer than that but they started to introduce these rotational favorites. Were rotational tryouts. It gets people in the building. It gets people talking. It creates demand they come in. They try that they'd probably come with a friend. They try something else and it's even better if they released that in. They're sold out instantly. Pumpkin spice latte as a great example. It didn't stock. And then it's gone at starbucks really quickly at some locations. People are literally putting it on their calendar to go to starbucks. I mean how often do you do that. I'm going here on this date to get that item. It gives you something to potentially get excited about if you're a fan of that brand and i think it's a great strategy but it's expensive all this new. Rnd the research the distribution enough to aggregate all these new special one time ingredients. You have to create all this new marketing to drive sales in general. I think it pays off so it's not a free lunch. You are getting a boost in sales likely but there's a lot of work that goes into that launching this new thing for a limited edition release and they're selling more so it's worth it right. Well maybe you know who doesn't advertise. You know who doesn't change up their business at all and you know who does. A lot of sales opens more restaurants and is extremely popular in and out burger. I've now lived in california for twenty years and in and out his head the same menu for twenty years. In fact i don't think anything has changed in and out over that time. The look the uniforms the menu the food twenty years of the same thing. And you know what how hasn't changed over the last twenty years in and out there demand because every time you drive by an in and out here at most times of day. There's a long line in the building preko of it in in the drive through and so much in the drive through some developers in cities or having to design streets just to accommodate in announced drive thru demand. You they're coning off in cordoning off sections of parking lots to queue up like it's at disneyland. The cars waiting to get through the drive thru during covid. Some the in and out your head and our a one hour long wheat to go through them to get that chick-fil-a right next door not so long but in and out it's cranking now i know in-and-out out has the secret menu and that's a cool topic for another day. But their core men you is the same. It's probably ten items in. Its worked for them. They've embraced that while the rest of the progressive food industry is trying everything and coming out with bizarre combinations and partnerships can we add doritos into our product and cheetos into our product like applebee's now doing with their new wing based business. They are staying tried and true in its worked. Be careful about patterning your business after another business just because you see someone else doing it and you think that they're doing it well doesn't mean that they're actually doing it well nor does it mean it might work well for you is business. Owners weaken be really guilty of this copying what looks great seeing so many. Do it on instagram. And saying i want to do that. You're seeing snapshot you don't know what went into it. You don't know how well it's actually working in the day to day and you don't know if it would work well for you sometimes keeping it. Simple is the best way to go and it may be simple but it works similarly. It may not be perfect but it works. Recently i was talking to someone who is very involved in the early stage company startup in venture capital scene in silicon valley. I'm in southern california. They're in northern california. Totally different scene up there and it became very clear very early in the conversation that up there. It's all about getting the market as fast as possible. Getting the monetization as fast as possible making as much money as you can as fast as possible and you do that by rising in grinding. You work your ass off at the expense of everything else. honey kids.

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