Where Do Democratic Activists Stand on Eliminating the Filibuster?


Have unanimously blocked a voting rights bill from being brought to a vote, Democrats in the evenly split chamber are left with one option. To get rid of the filibuster. They sought bipartisan backing for federal law to offset new GOP back voting restrictions in states Following the 2020 election. NPR's Asma Khalid reports on President Biden's response He did not articulate what he or his party's next moves might be. But he said he'd have more to stay on the topic next week. You know, he did say that the fight over this is quote far from over. But frankly, some progressives feel like Biden himself was not actually using the perch of the presidency effectively enough to actually do something on this issue. Multiple Democratic activists told me that they see eliminating the filibuster as frankly the only option to get some key Democratic priorities through Congress. The secretary of

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