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The racetrack to help grow the sport of nascar. Meanwhile saquon barkley work on his knee and his golf game. You see him there at the driving range. Not bad form saquon. Jj watt kinda always. Does he spends time in gym. That's a whole lot of way. That might way more than i do by myself. And aaron rodgers got a head start on summer. Is he made a will chronicle trip over to hawaii in may local. Nfl live where we too are enjoying the summer vibes. I'm feel relaxed. And i will be joined marcus in in just a few as guys darlington. Who returns to kick things off as we just talked about one guy and it started his summer little bit early this year. The top. nfl storylines heading into this off season. Starting with rogers field. I feel like i belong to a fraternity party. This is pretty ridiculous. The aaron rodgers. Then here's something interesting business. The absurdity of what we read the scoring wisconsin reporting the packers quarterback aaron rodgers has renewed his memberships in green bay country club for the remainder of the year. That can only mean one thing other than some rounds of golf this year. Obviously aaron rodgers is staying all right. Let's move onto a little bit more. Tricky situation to shawn watson continuing to deal with off the field situations when i talked to teams around the league. They are not interested in doing with watson just yet until there is a little bit more clarity on. What's going on off the field. So i don't expect much change when it comes to watson for at least some time about another silver storyline. We've got some quarterbacks with the coaches over also some potential doubts no more empowered. these are very interested ones. Exaggerate howard with the miami dolphins one of the best corners in the league asking for more money after completing warned year of a five-year extension doesn't appeal for my conversations. Like the dolphins are necessarily gonna move on this on the other hand a little bit of a different situation. There's a little more flexibility. Perhaps some expectation. He could get some money all right. Yeah the teams with head coach quarterback situations we got matt nagy dealing with basically saying that andy dalton will be. Qb one going to training camp. Justin killed likely back in. Certainly a storyline will watch the started training camp brands on the other hand. This one matt stafford very clearly in play. Sean mcvay making very clear today. That stafford is this guy. No question about that jeff and it feels like an eternity. Go when the rams made the first blockbuster movie the nfl offseason forming a new top coach and quarterback duo in trading tiered goth plus two from for matthew stafford as you just referenced. The move has come with great expectations for teamed in the plate. Sean mcvay has already been impressed by the former lyon. Here's what he had to say about. Stafford the qb quote bro. This dude is a bad f- whatever people say about him as good as it can be. He's even better than advertised. It makes sense. The guys have go to see the game his ability to draw on his experiences the feeling he has. It's pretty special and unique not going to run away from the expectations. Every single team in the nfl has one goal right now and that's to win the super bowl and that believes the teams that no and the teams that have actually accomplish that. They know that you only do that by being with your feet of plant. Wow mix it. Mcvay saying safran better than advertised. Shouldn't come as too much of a surprise during staffer time in detroit. Lions didn't do much to surround him. In fact lions allowed nearly twenty five points per game and rush for less than a hundred yards per contest and stafford starts. Both of those are worst. Averages for any quarterback in the suitable era now joined the team top ten in both areas just last season or at swagger. You're looking good enough shade. But now it's time to get down to business. Is this team. The los angeles rams super bowl or bust in two thousand twenty one absolutely absolutely feel and listen. I know everybody right. Now is how the tampa bay buccaneers and rightfully show for what they did in this off season but also coming off a super bowl but think about what the rams have given away not just this year in particular for messed effort but also for jalen ramsey paid aaron donald couple of years ago. They just paid liver floyd. This team is all in. And that's why i believe that. Show me betas under as much pressure as any coach in the nfl. Because matthew stafford is supposed to be the difference he's supposed to be the catalyst the guy that put you off of the exit polls. The one thing we only said well not we. I always said about deer. Golf is that once it gets crazy. Chaotic you worry about if he can manage those situations and i believe that caused the rams some games and i believe that's why he's now with the lions incomes. Mass staff is not like the rams have not been in this process for motown they mortgage the future in order to get a number of players. Not just matt stafford so right now. They are in a win now situation before all. It is has to come to the realization that we're gonna have to release players. Let other guys goal. They better get it done. And this year in particular. Seems like that would be nice for sean mcvay to get it done. Based on what they make the moves that they made all season and acquiring star players. There's no question swagger. The pressure is on the nfl. We'll be watching because the rams really are rewriting the way they're building a team compared to most other for years whether it's bill belichick stockpiling draft picks whether it's a gmc across the league saying you have to build through the draft because of the way that the collective bargaining agreement structures rookie contracts. The rams are saying no no. We don't care about first round picks. We're going to build this team with veteran players. We're going to go ahead and say we don't need those first round picks and we're going to invest them in these other players. You'll pressure is absolutely not only sean mcvay but less need and the rest of the organization. They don't get this right if they don't win right now. What are we supposed to believe that the future polls because it certainly doesn't hold much promising form of first round picks so absolutely swagger. The pressure is on. And i agree with you. They don't get to super bowl. The way jared goff helped get them there several years ago. Then this year's us all right so it seems like the consensus. The rams are under pressure this year. This team is likely the favorite in the nfc west maybe the co-favourite or behind the buccaneers. If we're going to point out areas of vulnerability though in los angeles what could they be. You know field to areas. Jump out to me on offense. I would say the offensive line not the stars group. That bounced back last year and played really well. But there's not a lot of depth behind them. I thought the rams might draft offensive lineman a little bit higher. Didn't so if there was an injury there. I think that could be an issue. Meanwhile on defense again it's about debts and also about younger players needing to step up to jeff's point by the way when you build a roster this way you need late round draft picks to come in and take the place of veterans who have moved on like john johnson. he's not name like jalen ramsey. You i believe is the best cornerback in the nfl. But he was integral in that. Rams defense that utilizes a lot of lightboxes. They need the safeties to take on more responsibilities against the run. John johnson did precisely that he wore the green dot on his helmet. And he's in cleveland. Now they're left with taylor rapp and fuller two very good young safeties but you know whereas before they were debts now they need them to step up because suddenly the defense is getting a little bit thinner.

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