A highlight from 2608 - Progressives Drawing Red Lines on Infastructure & Trippy Libertarian Run-Ins w/ David Sirota & Andrew Callaghan


Sam cedar this five time award winning majority report. We are broadcasting live steps from the industrially ravage gwanda canal in the heartland of america downtown brooklyn usa on the program today quieter the daily poster. David sirotta join us to look back on the week in politics then later second hour. We'll be talking to andrew callahan of channel five or formerly all gas in no breaks while trump justice department secretly subpoenaed house intel democrats and staff and family. Now the democrats are acting like they can't investigate it themselves. Well speaking of house dems. They're added again bad. Faith attacks on ilhan omar meanwhile the gang of tan supposedly have an infrastructure deal which begs the question so what while democrats fear grow that biden jettisoning jettisoning climate change provision. Isn't that same infrastructure. Bill california appeals The strike down of its thirty year old assault weapons ban. Texas governor claims. He's building a wall going to be a big beautiful wall and six. Three percenters were indicted in the capital attack. Lastly amnesty international claims that biden is illegally expelling thousands of unaccompanied minors at the us. Mexico border all this and more on

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