Lama Migmar Tseten on the Play of Mahamudra


So welcome to tonight's wisdom chat. Thank you for joining us Tonight's a special night for two reason. It's the full moon of suck. Dawa is the first reason the second reason is joined by lama. So welcome lama. Lama make the longtime buddhist chaplain at harvard university. He graduated from central institute applied to tibetan studies at sanskrit university. in baranovsky. he served as the head of the sake. Santa in pro india and also the sake monastery in poorer walla. Mike myers the founder of the sake institute for buddhist studies in cambridge massachusetts. Where he's a popular teacher and tonight. We celebrate llamas new book. The play of mom would welcome lama and thank you for joining us. I'm more so tonight. We're going to start with because it. Saka dawa lama is gonna lead us in a few prayers. So i'm going to handle the alignment ma and he would lead us in these press anger daniel and welcome everyone for this dot much app pan also to celebrate the launching of my book so will reside refuge tibetan in celebration of the saga. So as you may know saga dawa independent mittens mondo the our our shocker. So this is one of the. Most holiest month within the buddhist calendar because during this month both was born Today is actually the poor nima so pool moon of this. I've got the la doing which was fully enlightened aswell as he entered into ma putting need wanna

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