A highlight from The French Open Catch-Up: Semi Finals - Djokovic dethrones Nadal in epic; Crowd curfew cancelled!; Tsitsipas sinks Zverev in 5; Cool Krejcikova overcomes Sakkari; Pavs passes Zidansek test; Brit Salisbury wins mixed


Novak stuns nadal and bob corker chichewa aims for singles and doubles glory. A kim. what a friday night. We have just had literally a few minutes ago. Nave djokovic versus raff on the dow french open semifinal the second one of today and it served up an absolute classic that third-set alone fell foul. It felt momentous that was drama. The end with fans allowed to stay. I mean as a as many listeners will know your die. Hard rafeh fan. I mean that was a bit of a. That was a bit of nerve shredder. Wasn't it joel. I feel like. I've aged about twenty years. That's why i needed the bucket so no one can see my face. It's not pleasant. Yes been very emotional. I've gone through a whole as i'm sure. Any refunds listing. I know we've of rougher fans He listened. Say big hawks to everyone. And i'd like it's just you know it was bound to happen at some point. Wasn't joe rough. Would lose again a random house over. He has lost twice at road and gas before. And i know that you sent me. Something on on whatsapp saying is free. Free at roland garros. A prophecy i think coming tree because in the build-up noticed that if you look at raffles losses at roland garros. His first loss was round. Four in two thousand nine against soderling his second loss to to jackovitch who six years later in the quarter in twenty fifteen and six years later even more say he's lost to gain george in the semifinals. So there's a wits patent development developing that purely coincidence but yeah we've had a fantastic match probably one of the best matches in that long and storied rivalry Across four sets It was in the you know the night session. And you're so much if the drama of that match was the fact that it started so late because of cisa passan's zverev going five. And i think the fact that the longer it went into the night the conditions i felt like it had a big a bit of a factor in in the outcome of the match. Yeah i was always sort of skeptical. I suppose I just always felt that it would. It would favor like novak Being in the night session the later got the conditions. I was that night session crowd. There was up. I maybe some Something and i just felt that wasn't really helping rafeh. I mean just all not a feel like the french. Tennis federation should probably have scheduled the style of play today bit earlier. Perhaps they could have started two hours early. Just the fact that you've got to men's finals that both potentially will gay five sets and even cheap players in the second one he take their sweet time Before serving you say. I'll take no. But i mean as as it came to it. You know what we were all expected that the fans we're going to have to file out local time eleven o'clock but in the end the french government seemed to have made Exception for for rougher navy because they they said they could stay and in the end us pays. It didn't go on much longer off anyway. How crazy is that. They've actually change like french law. I mean that was his tested. I think to how massive this match was and how far ichi was. It was just a volvo for the fans. It had ramifications with regards to the past curfew. Because i don't think anyone anyone was really expecting that to be any any give or leeway. We go this announcement. I think what two three minutes came through on the tv. The fans would be able to stay out if that's because they felt like that was gonna be riots in the hanzel or weren't just gonna leave or bay The rule. But i'm sort of glad it did happen because i think you know. I think we've seen over the last couple of weeks. The tennis has on a few occasions at this tournament. So shot itself in the for in particular. Think about the end of the then. Naomi osaka kind of situation the scheduling with the night matches. You know particularly with the imbalance between the you know the mail matches and the female matches and the game. This was a lot of people. Were looking at this because it felt like it was nailed onto bonus with. We've kind of two hours approaching. What our one hour approaching the people working to almost be forced out. But i'm sort of glad. The kind of common sense prevailed and they were able to. You know everyone that was able to kind of witness this kind of really. It was already significant match. I think significant in the rivalry significant in tennessee january. And there's some people talking about this is particularly that third-set tiebreakers one of the best sets. The has happened on happened on clay. Cool ever an. I'm personally i don't. I don't think that is an exaggeration. Always very surprised. sony breaks of serve. I have to save especially in that third set and it was very unpredictable in the sentence. The nave surfer five three and then recipe combat. But before you even got to that point that caught a few breaks many way and then see ref how to set point to serve six five and then it went to the tiebreak rougher. He'd missed four hundred and he he really should have gone the full. Yeah all right. So he'd be doing that one a bit And then oversee novak pension. I think Just because i think they by that point been playing for about three hours or something three and a hours. And if you've got to then wouldn't be more sets to come back from that it's you know. Rough is overseeing credibly fit but he is the chief now perhaps ten years ago he i did. Just feel that physically. He wasn't where he has made in the past. And i you know he was sweating so much tonight. I if that was just the weather conditions or baby there was know he wasn't feeling one hundred percent. I'm not sure. But i just feel that it was going to be better. Mammoth and that. If anyone could do is really did kind of fool away from him in that fourth and i just think it was too much to ask in the end it was quite surprising thing that for set because nidal one upper break early then i think joe djokovic just kind of just broken down which is not something that happens. Very often cut of reeled. Six games off in a row to win. I mean he came through three six six three seven. Six six two and it was a real kind of rollercoaster. Pica's let's let's go back to the beginning and not that i sat. I mean rafeh went up five love. It was very much like the final last year. Ed evac try dropshots at the start of the match. Not really working. Novak nidal fetching the mall and it was a really impressive. Stop buying the dow analytics djokovic came back into it thinking needed like five or six points to kind of get him through.

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