Serial Killing Sex-Crazed Couple: Fred and Rose West


And rose. West's headed back day to the realm of true crime for another brutal suck for two decades. Fred and rose where the patriarch matriarch of torture sadism incest and at their horrific british home. Their house at twenty five cromwell street in gloucester was just minutes from a busy shopping center but the layout of the home with a side entrance and little street. Lighting meant fred and rose can sneak in victim after victim almost undetected. Then they would often lead them into the sexual torture chamber. They had created in their cellar. Some victims were detected because they lived at twenty five cromwell street their own daughter. Heather sixteen the time for death would become one of their victims and not the only child of theirs who be murdered. After decades of debauchery cops discovered what will be termed in the press as a house of horrors a few years after heather disappeared. The monsters parents strangled her stopped her cut off her head. Her mutilated corpse was dug up at gloucester home by police who were stunned to find eight other bodies and additional bodies had been buried elsewhere much more well known in the uk than in north america. Just who are these maniacs. Fred west came from a long line of hertfordshire farm. Labourers was born in nineteen forty one in the small village of much marcle. Approximately one hundred and twenty miles west of london to walter and daisy west for it began. Life is a beautiful baby which huge piercing blue eyes and blonde hair. But he wouldn't stay innocent for long. His own childhood may have doomed him. Fred claimed that his father had sex with his sisters and that he lost his own virginity to his mother. He also had sex with his sisters. He grew up in a house of so much incest. Roses early life not much better eerily similar. Rosemary letts was born in november nineteen fifty three in devon england with a less than auspicious heritage. Her father bill. Let's paranoid schizophrenic. Her mom daisy letts suffered from crippling depression as a teenager. Rose showed signs of being sexually precocious walking around family naked after her bath and climbed into bed with her younger brother and molesting him. Why was she so sexual. She was molested for years her father so much incest and her house as well so much physical abuse a sick mirror of fred's own childhood

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