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Thing as we said eighteen teams holding mandatory many kansas week. That's all of them right there. That means stories war. Everything you need to know around. The league is coming your way today. The latest from miami is on the way. We'll tell you about to struggled in practice today. Find out if anyone here thinks are called for legitimate concern. Darlington with a live report for you. Plus bill belichick continues to praise cam. Newton a report with mike. Reese is happening and that'll be coming your way soon. The latest on the quarterback battle in new england after mack jones reportedly struggled to starts day one for the past also. Julio jones on the field. Today's for the titans. Toronto davenport is joining us with everything you need to know about this wide receiver tandem. Plus the reason. Someone says it's still derrick. Henry you have to stop no matter what the nfl live. Everybody glad you're here in just a bit white. Roger dirt speaks louder than his words. We finally heard from him for the first time in weeks. Louis riddick and munich times with you for the hour as well as adam schefter. Let's roll with the top stories of the day. We begin with adam. some key. defensive backs aren't at mandatory minicamp. This week give us the latest starting with jamal adams lor seattle's pro bowl defensive back to safety. They traded a bunch of fixed for last. Summer is not president mandatory minicamp. Now the seahawks say. It's an excused. Absence is dealing with a couple of personal issues. That contract does loom on the horizon. And just because he's been excuse for this week doesn't change the fact that he wants a new contract meanwhile miami. There's another defensive back at once a new contract saving our views you is. He's just got a new contract in may of twenty nineteen. A huge new extension was another extension. Right now he also was not at the dolphins mandatory minicamp today. This is an issue that will be tracking moving forward. We noted the fact that you're also wants a new contract seems like everybody. These days does not at the patriots. Mandatory minicamps now. He's not fully healthy. Couldn't have participated even if he were there but again this is one of those situations that hangs over gilmore the franchise. He wants more money. Howard wants more money. Adams wants more money who does want more money. I mean i'm good with with my money. Actually i don't know about you. Jalen ramsey actually just tweeted and. We got to see this. I see some hold outs. Ll time to do some more recruiting. I guess adam. I'm going to give you a word on this. Jalen ramsey been recruiting people. All over the place he was from trying to recruit stefan gilmore yesterday. Well he's tried to recruit stefan gilmore. And now the jalen ramsey has been paid. He could essentially add that to his title along with pro bowl. Defensive back ace. Recruiter for the los angeles rams. It doesn't really have to be that hard of a solo. Laura you're in los angeles around matthew stafford sean mcvay. That's an easy sell. The problem is the rams. Don't have a lot of cap space. They can't afford all these stars no matter how much jalen ramsey wants to recruit them front office. All right jalen. You can keep doing this but like we can't pay these guys maybe. La is enough of a self someone else who skipped minicamp. More of adam. Schefter coming your way. Aaron rodgers so no surprise there forces. Saga between rogers and green bay is here to stay. So we haven't learned from roger since his interview with. Kenny made a handful of weeks ago today. He spoke and listen to this. Been one of those quiet offseason just dream about where you just kind of go through your process on your own quietly and You know that's all you can ask for as an older player in the league and someone has around for a long time and just enjoys that time to yourself just relaxed and not be bothered and not have any obligations or anything going on you know. I think that's what this season been about. It's been really enjoying my time. And spending the where i wanna spend it and not feel like apple go anywhere not having any responsibilities but still be an nfl player so this part of his promotion for the match coming up with tom brady. Those two together today was must see tv. I don't know guys could use since a little bit of sarcasm there from aaron rodgers. The shirt lowest. Saying i'm offended. what do you got for me. After hearing what roger said today you think about this thing about this juxtaposition here here. He's saying i am the responsibilities. I'm gonna have to go anywhere. Just kind of spend my time how i want. He's under contract as the starting quarterback green bay packers. And he's talking as if he really doesn't have any obligation to be anywhere at all that tells you his mindset which is saying this. Hey mark murphy. Hey brian good. Against i'm on my time. I'm doing it my way now and that certain right there. Of course you know the way it's framed. I'm offended sitting right up there. Big and bold right there on the screen. Look errands a very very very smart individual. Anybody who spent more than a minute talking to them can figure this out. Nothing he says. It's kind of like just off the cuff and not already calculating what the ramifications of what he is saying actually going to be. He knows exactly what they are. Set a very clear message saying this. I'm not even thinking about which are doing right now. okay. I'm worried about me right now and i'm going to put the focus on me. Despite the fact that you want me there the flight the fact obligated really to be there. I'm not operating that way. That's sending a message. There's no doubt that. Sending a message in louis there that i think is really important which is for roger. The seem like this is about control taking back some control and exerting control and exerting what liberty does have and. This was part of an interview with tom. Brady and we didn't show this part. But tom brady was kinda ribbon. Rogers about the packers. Not going for it right. You remember may not going for the field goal and that was just jokes because the issue with rogers about coaching decisions. Maybe he was unhappy about that. But that's not why they're in this situation. I think the juxtaposition between him and tom brady is actually much more telling of why we're here. Which is you've got two different quarterbacks to two of the most comparable quarterbacks in football in terms of the greatest of all time conversation who have very different relationships with their franchises and when it comes to control and power you got a quarterback aaron rodgers who reportedly was not told by his organization when they were going to his replacement. And you've got a quarterback and tom brady who was scouting wide. Receivers for the that to me is what this is all about. It's about respect in relationships. And control and aaron rodgers trying to get back. Some of it mean. We've talked to all season about the. Tom envy going on across the league. No matter what anybody says. Russell wilson has it in seattle. Aaron rodgers has in green bay. Maybe the shawn watson had it in. Houston they see the. Tom brady left a situation that didn't make him entirely happy. Went to a place where they catered to everything that he wanted and needed if he said he wanted a wide receiver like antonio brown. They got him if he said they wanted to. Water see leonard fournette while he was added to the roster. Everything tom watson. They did to placate him. And so these other quarterback see that and now instead while they're getting ready for the match we see aaron rodgers on zoom call where he gets to wear what he wants where he gets the position. His shot wade. He likes to and he's got prominently displayed offended. I'm offended now will need to do is we need to get one of those. T shirts for louis riddick was offended quite a bit to be wearing offended angry time and so rather than the voice all this on his t shirt t shirt. Same message that. Aaron rodgers sent today. I'm offended you know. You really look then right now. Hey you know what you know why. I'm smiling laura because adam together for quite a while now since two thousand thirteen. 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