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It's time for the bobby bones post show. Here's your host. Bobby all are fantastic. Why don't we start with raymond. Does conspiracy theory about a group exercise class. Which by the way we've been running what time of day almost eleven water i know already recording. Can you remember which you have someone. Take the Sparkling please from the mountains. I don't know just something ozark. Yeah some mountain valley please okay. So here's the situation with raimondo. Tells telling me what happened. Yes go to turning the class. No okay no but you can talk about it in detail. People will figure it out all right. So i go to an exercise class and it wasn't my recent boxing classes. A different one randomly the same last three days or whatever. But i go there with my wife. She gives me roped into this class. I've never taken a class before. And it's one of those where they put your scores up on the board. How many calories you burn all this other stuff. Everything i go into it. I'm just trying to beat baiser so we're in there. There's twenty people dudes chicks saturday morning class. Alright like five percent from all right. Let's do this. Do this class for bay do it for my wife. We get to do in the class. I'm whatever you go to the different surrogates twelve minutes on the rowing machine. Is this sounding familiar. Anybody maybe done this okay. Twelve on the rowing machine rowing machine. I've actually never done before. So twelve on the rowing twelve on the treadmill and then twelve with weights. So i do all those in. It's all about points. your stuff is on the scores. Basically like a game you're playing. It's a big scoreboard. And you wear these monitors so monitors your heart judges a bunch of different stuff anyways smash cut to the end classes done. I was just trying to beat baiser. I win the entire class. I mean there's dudes in there that are roy. Did out your boy. Not even the brag. This isn't a low key flex because it's my conspiracy theory. I win the entire class. I burn the most calories. I missed this. Other point. Category by one and i think it was just because the girl was a female and y'alls heart different because it also measures your heart but i wanted all within a hundred calories of me so i conspiracy is my first time at the class. I did it for free. I think they let you win. So then you'll be motivated to come back all my i was so pumped after that baby. That was so dope as we're going back next. Saturday i gotta beat those people again. So i'd i'd really do think they do something magically with the scores and the computers they allow you to win is really what i think they have you do. Did you sign up that day from week. Last we did it. Because i told the endorphins are going right now. We're not signing up right now for this class. But i i strongly believe conspiracy theory. I didn't win that class. I looked over multiple times. I was going the same speeds bay. She finished middle of the pack. Don't know how my numbers did what they did. Maybe they go after the guy because he at times make some money decisions. I won the class. I won the whole thing. I mean yeah because i was going to say are y'all of course y'all the only new people in the class that day like if that's how they operate they kind of just have to pick one new person to sucker. We were definitely new. Though is hey everybody. Welcome susan and laura like a week to know that whoever finishes second really wins mike. Well you can go there and see if there is if that's the situation on the internet radio one though you're good shape i am but i am telling you i told you it was five percent hung over. There's dudes in there with straight up on gear like they literally live for saturday mornings to win this. There's no way. I beat the guy next me. Under armor gear no way. I was wearing half tide shoes and baggy sweatpants. What the class is called my okay. No conspiracy theory on that. just one just put it out in the. Oh back again if you can see if you win again to end on that peak it won't be as first time again. But if he wins again the second time you know it's real that's my point. Oh gotcha Tonight on time. With bobby bones. My guest will be jayco and larry fleet performing at my house. Guests can watch on twitch beacon also just click the link and watch it on your computer. You'll have to have twitter feed up to which you comment but it's on tonight so you guys can watch that. If you'd like to virginia family drove the remains of family member to california to spread her ashes on the coast but someone broke into the car in santa monica and stolen no. Did you have a french. Yeah he had his dad in the front seat and they were gonna go. Spread the ashes the next day so he let them in the car overnight. Someone broke in never got him back. The virginia family brought the remains their beloved sister. An aunt an lane california. They're gonna spread her ashes. Some broke into the car. So the ashes heartbreaking. These twin sisters are so close. They breastfeed each other's babies. That's okay now tell me more. I don't know i've never breastfed. Why would your instinct. My team doesn't know. But i guess if my sister's baby needed milk and i had it i'd give it to do it regularly to intimate experience with you and your bay twin sisters i know to rosemont and no i mean there's a bond moment between the baby and you're not going to share that with your sister and and for the sister to wanna do that they're they are identical twin sisters. Mary two identical twin brothers. This is a whole and so did they do the brothers too long switch. Nothing like they share a lot. I don't know awesome. Did mean what you said

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