Euro 2020: England Send Germany Out and Ukraine Leave It Late


Made it to the quarter finals. Of the European Championships and football fans here have been celebrating long into the night in a long time, but we didn't have to go to bed away, so I'm very happy. What was our best result? We're gonna wish for odds before Germany. We're going to store but we just turned the box email is calling on it's gone government or we'll have more details of reaction to England's win over Germany. But first let's get the details of the football and the rest of the sport from Andy Barr. Well, England football boss Gareth Southgate praised what he called his sights fabulous performance with that two nil win over Germany in reaching the quarter finals of the rescheduled euro 2020. It was thanks to go from Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane, England take on Ukraine in the quarterfinals in Rome this Saturday. Southgate says he'll be keeping his players feet very firmly on the ground. With their fans expecting the team now to go on to lift the trophy, the feeling around the country that we've only got to turn up to win the thing and we know it's going to be an immense challenge from here on so I think the players know that they've been to the later stages before they know how difficult that's been. But of course we we came here with an intention and we have not achieved that yet. Ukraine got through to the quarter finals of a major tournament for the first time in their history in the round of 16. They beat Sweden to one attempt in Park in Glasgow. They substitute RTM Dahlbeck scored the winner, his first goal for his country and it came in at the time at the end of extra time. Now

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