Enbridge Wins Minnesota Court Ruling on Oil Pipeline Permit


The minnesota court of appeals has up held approvals of permits for the line. Three oil pipeline. The move is seen as a win. For enbridge energy the company behind the project but indigenous groups and their allies. Fighting construction are not backing down mike. Mohan reports in a two one decision. The court said state regulators acted properly when giving their consent align three which is being built to replace an aging oil pipeline that runs across northern minnesota winona. La duke is one of the leading tribal advocates speaking out against lying three. She says the state including governor at him walls has let them down. I am so dismayed by. The court of appeals and we will stand in resistance with thousands of others. This summer is young. She says the ruling will result in more people arrested or heard with opposition surfacing along the construction route last week. Protestors held their largest gathering yet resulting in arrests after people locked themselves to equipment. Meanwhile the duke says they're pleading with a biden administration to intervene canada-based end bridge says lion three creates thousands of jobs that high degrees of safety are being applied to construction and maintenance installation of line. Three is nearly sixty percent complete and the court noted its presence while troublesome too many groups and tribal members is less of an environmental risk than the current line. But luke says it's a direct threat to natural resources. Tribes rely on watersheds are now subject to bridges aggression and destruction. Even if this decision is appealed to the minnesota supreme court opponents. Worry that would take a long time before a ruling is issued. They say that's why they want. President joe biden to take action with construction moving forward now. is mike moen

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