A highlight from An Oregon Ghost Town and Oregon Dungeness bay Mystery series


Welcome to true mysteries or the pacific northwest stories of strange and unexplained people places and events often lost the midst of time. I'm your host. Ken crum and doing some research for a book. I'm working on. I discovered that oregon has more ghost towns than any other state so today. The ghost town of shanna call but remember keep listening after this particular story to the joanna. Bright dungeness bay cozy murder mystery series chapter ten. But now the ghost town of shanoch oh. The first individuals who came to the region known as cross hollows were minors. the root began as a settlement known as the dolls. One hundred ninety miles away a settler by the name of august sherman gabu came to the area in eighteen seventy nine. It was the missed pronounciation his name. That became shanoch. Oh the post office. Nearby town of cross hollows closed in eighteen eighty seven and opened in shannon co in nineteen hundred but the goal rush to canyon city played out and soon shattuck. Oh became known as the wool capital of the world. It was a center of twenty thousand square miles of wall. We'd cattle and sheep production because of rail connections served cities from idaho to with falls oregon but by nineteen ten with rail service. Passing around the town. It began to fade economically. And as many boom towns do shannon co had a second and third boom i. it was headquarter and workers and their families during the building of highway. Ninety seven lived there and the grading and improving of roads and wasco county. The nineteen twenties and thirties again gave a boost to shadow. The second boom was a more lasting reprieve during the nineteen fifties in the building of a gas line from california to washington then in nineteen fifty-nine. The oregon centennial commission designated shadow will as oregon's ghost town of the year. The town has many buildings including a three room schoolhouse at a large hotel. The sage museum displays vintage cars. The first week of august is shanta code. Days attracts hundreds of tourists. The town boasts that it is a living ghost town. Unfortunately there is a dark shadow that lingers overshadow mccaw much of the town is owned by individuals but the majority including the hotel and cafe and several small buildings were purchased by portland businessman with ideas of building homes and expanding town but local owners wanted to keep the town preserved as a living ghost town and other legal problems Rose that upset day investor that he locked his doors and threw away the keys and put his portion of the town in the market for three million dollars by two thousand sixteen. He'd taken his portion of the town off the market but didn't open up the

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