Quantum Computing: Superposition or Qubit Too Far?


So quantum computers leverage the properties of entanglement and superposition to perform computations simulations on optimizations. Much much faster than the classical computers we use today. Whoa whoa whoa will. We've gone straight in with the entanglement and superposition. Lets wind it back a little bit and to me. Get my bearings. Is tony strategy chief. Technologist at hewlett packard. Enterprise to help bring it back to basics. There were two thoughts that led to modern day computing. If you like you've got the name that everyone is familiar with. Which is alan turing. And what he trying to do was cracked the enigma code and look good encryption. And how do you break. Encryption using a machine to automate repetitive process. Trying different numbers to see which one worked in order to break that code and there was another chain run by guy von neumann at actually his train of thought was more around understanding. How ballistics worked his style. His approach was very much around making the programming. Very simple and having hardware do a lot of the work whereas cheering this massively parallel. Actually there was a huge amount of complexity in the programming. Now as it happens it was vanoy. Men's approach that leads to this concept of a cpu our take logic unit and that classic architecture that we have today cheering 's approach actually didn't really catch onto. We get to quantum computers the most powerful classical computers. Today follow on from norman's train of thoughts w. amount of compete power. We need to double the amount of processes leading to bigger and bigger supercomputers

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