Was Voice Control a Goal for the Kindle3? Brad Stone Author of Amazon Unbound - Voicebot Podcast Ep 214 - burst 09


The only thing that i learned that i hadn't heard about before. Was that it could be that the original idea for alexa came. As part of the kindle is a feature so. I think that was new from your book. I hadn't heard that the past that someone w- the jeff wanted to integrate voice commands into the kindle at one point. They finally talked about it because it wouldn't be able to ship it time. I don't know that that was the inspiration for alexa but it to me was a symbol of his apparent faith in voice as an interface. And there was this question that some reviewers headed the time. And i remember wondering about why was there a microphone in the third version of the kindle and it was never it was never used at i went to some engineers who worked at it and they were like yet. Jeff insisted that we keep it even when we were trying to reduce the bill of materials and he says and the word came back to them. Jeff believes that in the future will communicate by voice so it was just as a signal that back in whenever that kindle came out i think like two thousand and two thousand nine that basis was thinking about voice But it wasn't until and again this was. It was really hard to kind of piece together. What the original inspiration was and fokin heart. And sorry ian freed and greg hardy who worked very closely together. They actually tell different stories about this. About what the and you know. And and essentially i mean ultimately in the book go with greg heart story predominantly because he is the the technical advisor to basis in two thousand ten. He's in every meeting. They're having lunch together. And you know. He believes that The real the real spark the thing that led to that email. We should build a twenty dollar computer whose brands are in. The cloud was hard over lunch in seattle with basis. Showing him google voice on his android phone and basil's realizing okay. This is getting good enough but the smartphone application is just a little awkward. Are people really going to take out their phone talk to it. Wouldn't it be much more natural if you could just you know. Talk to the folks in star trek to the ship computer right right and he talks about star trek many times in space. I always you always wonder like origin. Stories change over time right so you never know when that entered into the picture but he i think that makes sense in a And google voice recognition around that time period was getting pretty

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