A highlight from Biden Takes the World Stage (with Howard Wolfson)


Hey a chair. Attacks on tap with david. Axelrod robert gibbs and mike murphy added we have to prove to the world into our own people that democracy can still prevail against the challenges of our time and deliver for the needs of our people we have to root out corruption that siphons off our strength guard against those who would stoke hatred and division for political gain is phony populism. Greetings hacker ruse. Welcome to a new episode of the heck's on tap podcast and this is the first podcast we've ever done that comes with an audience. Warning because we grubby political hacks are now going to enter at long. Last the vast canvas of foreign affairs we're gonna maybe switched to french. The language of diplomacy to Handle these rarefied topics. But they're important as you heard. That was the president at the g. Seven summit we're gonna talk about a special deep dive on the new york mayor's race so david axelrod about foreign affairs exactly who we have. There's only one one person we wanted for this. The best our friend who has that range that depth that extraordinary Intellect and experience and it can only be howard wilson. Our old buddy former deputy mayor from new york of new york city Communications director for hillary clinton you do stint with schumer to dead. Yeah communications director for chuck schumer and all around smart guy howard could to see a good to be with you. Both it seems to me. The president is doing really well overseas. You know in a sense. Donald trump is the the gift that keeps on giving You show up at a place where guy basically has taken a dump on the rug the last president and you know you behave politely you you you treat people like allies and friends instead of annie's and it blown behold they react. Well yeah look. I totally agree it. All he had to do. And i think he did pretty well was bring normalcy back to foreign policy. Now all the nato leaders can get off high blood pressure meds. And i thought he did a pretty good job of there were cracks but maneuvering them around of the g. seven To have a unified policy and china so I'm quick to criticize biden on domestic policy. But i think I give them grades. It wasn't hard to slipped in the world. But he did it well in on the other hand howard he also You know you go over there and I think that those those leaders were really really happy to see biden. I think they know by the trust biden. Biden's been around for half a century Traveling the world. I'm not sure they trust us. I think that's exactly right. I think

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