Creating A Safe Digital Community for Women of Color


We have wilma may pasta in the early nineties. Ms boss to build a career in film tv consumer and consumer tech public relations in the uk where she resided for almost thirty years more recently she launched and built the successful luxury vintage fashion brand the gathering goddess whose garments could often be seen on the red carpet in two thousand seventeen. She relocated back to brooklyn where she began. Building and launching. Dirk beauty wilma. Welcome to the show. Thank you for having me. I'm excited to be here on your website. Dirk beauty is described as a digital community that supports it empowers women of color in all their diversity. Can you tell our listeners. What led to you creating this community. Yes well originally the concept so diarkes beauty was that oftentimes consumer brands see black. Women women of color as a monolith because they don't necessarily understand the myriad of cultures and experiences of who. We are what i wanted to do. Is to create this platform. Where you as a woman of color could find your group. Your niche but also brands could work with those particular groups to support them and empower them rather than just markets. The i really wanted to work with women of color. Because i feel that so. Many women of color are marginalized and don't get to have the same experiences. That brands spouse out into the world because brands don't really understand and in november twenty nineteen. We were doing a soft launch a dark beauty online with a blog and a instagram site. When a couple of months later covert happens and we as a small team were figuring out. How do we show up for community right now. Because at the end of march twenty twenty no one was talking about the impact of cogut armed black and brown community in the media yet. So i decided that we needed to do something. Tangible was that the mental health issues. We're going to be huge in our community during covert because of all of the impact that this was having.

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