A highlight from 06/14/2021 - HOUR 2 - Dak Prescott, Jordan Love & Tyler Dunne


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A new fiction podcast based on the novel by journalist robert evans he'd grown up in the back before the lakewood blast back when people at still called it. Dallas listen to after the revolution on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks for listening to the heard. Podcast be sure to catch us. Live every weekday from twelve to three eastern nine to noon pacific on fox sports radio. Nfs one find your local station for the hurt at fox sports radio dot com or stream. It live every day on the iheartradio app by searching heard listening to fox. Sports radio Here we going monday. Great to have yen live in los angeles. It's the heard wherever you may be and however you may be listening iheartradio fox sports radio. F s one. I have a An interesting relationship with the state of ohio buckeye fans. No i usually have their back. I rooted like crazy for lebron when a title with the cavaliers. The browns have been running joke for twenty years. And i acknowledge that. And i'm a suddenly a bad guy but now i like them to win their division and get to the afc championship. Potentially cleveland. doesn't know what to do i to have a interesting relationship with the state of ohio. Because you're a pittsburgh. Yeah i've spent a lot of time there in cleveland. We'll jason went to akron. Wow my younger brother. Went to youngstown. State oh so you've been. Cleveland live spent a lot of time in waverly heights. Supposed to be a nice place. There i was there once at the airports right on the water very when he was a rough flight. I mean cleveland. Cavs fans is different situation. But yeah the browns. I'm with you. It browns fans are not going to know what to do with me. Because i'm going to say something in the next twenty minutes. We'll sports fans in general. Have a really hard time with this segment that we're about to do because they believe if you say something at any point in your life that's your opinion for the rest of your time on this earth and it's not no. It is wildly frustrating. Okay call right colin wrong. Do it every monday at this time brought to you by jersey. Mike subs good things. Come to those who wait at jersey. Mike's they come to those who don't download. The app order ahead skipped line now through june twentieth. The herd for a buck off the order. Here we go where colin was writing saying it for two months. Chris paul's the mvp the league. I don't care that he doesn't score twenty eight you put him on the floor with yokich. It's not even a debate. Not only did he shoot. Sixty three percent from the field against denver. He shot eighty four percent in the fourth quarter. He is the best most important impactful player left. And i don't know why everybody struggles with it. Maybe it's you know. I think it's pretty simple that he hasn't won yet and in the world. We live in now if you don't win at all you're a loser but what you're seeing now is what i kept preaching in the regular season. Maybe the people on the east coast just didn't watch suns games because they're on late at night but this is what he's been doing now all season taking a bunch of kids and their their last seven playoff games. They're just dismantling the lakers dismantling denver. We know the west is generally better than the east where colin was three years ago. I looked it up. I called the sixers. Ben simmons and all-timer he's still has an all time disappointment. He took three shots in game. Two his indifference is maddening. You can't blame it on maturity. Now he's been in the league now four years he will not get better. He's shooting thirty five percent the free throw line. He for god's sakes he's a guard. I understand the big guys that don't shoot free throws the big hands. He's a guard. I mean when you can't trust your point guard to shoot free throws you are in big trouble and beads the better free throw shooter and he to me he is just. I can't get my arms around somebody that gifted not willing to work on a significant hole in their game. I just can't. I can't wrap my brain around it where colin was right when the clippers went down oh to. I said they're going to win the series. They're going to go home role utah. I've never felt it more than i do now. First of all they won game three going away they could have won both games one and two off a brutally demanding seven game series. Utah was well rested. Mike connolly's out and now donovan. Mitchell has reinjured his ankle so now donovan mitchell one hundred percent. They're not in this series in utah without donovan mitchell. A hundred percent. it's not happening. He's their best athlete and utah. The very well coached and very good at protecting. The rim is hyper athletic. The clippers are so i. I never bought into was defining. I think the clippers will win tonight when in utah come back l. La they will end up going down o two and winning four straight where colin was wrong. I'm gonna quit predicting anything on the bucks. Nets i with so first of all. I predicted the bucks would win the championship because a their stars are not guys to get hurt. Much that part. I guess i was a little right on but then it got humiliated in the first two games did not even match up with brooklyn brooklyn and neb james harden and still. Roll the bucks. I looked ridiculous then. I buried the box and now the nets are all banged up and utah throttles the nets twice so from this point. I'm going to watch the series. I'm going to enjoy this series. I have no idea what's going to happen. I believe the series has come down to the medical staff of the nets deciding who wins it. Where colin was right. You don't remember when all the media came out and said the niners are taken mack. Jones number three and it was absolutely sure and join. I kept saying a s. A lot to give up for mack jones and be. My big question was nothing leaks from the niners. Now everybody in the world has the draft. Pick my sources as i said multiple times. My sources didn't say they were drafted. Mack jones all these legitimate reporters smack jones. It's done and i'm like of it's done kyle. Shanahan poke fun at the expert media this weekend. I do laugh with that. Everyone thinks that they know exactly what. I wanted to quarterback because i thought we had a chance to get the number one free agent quarterback who is going to be on the market in our second year And since we did people just assume that's how i would draw it up Which if you draw it up your i mean obviously you're

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