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Hi i'm ben. Mathis and welcome to kick ass news. Most military thinkers in the years leading up to world war two saw the airplane as an afterthought but a small band of idealistic strategists known as the bomber mafia asked what if precision bombing could cripple the enemy and make war far less lethal in contrast the bombing of tokyo on. The deadliest. night of the war was the brainchild of general curtis lemay whose brutal pragmatism and scorched earth tactics in japan costs thousands of civilian lives but may have spared by averting a planned invasion in the bomber mafia bestselling author. Malcolm glad well asks. Was it worth it and today. I'm happy welcome malcolm back to the podcast to discuss the stranger than fiction story of a dutch genius and his homemade computer a band of brothers and central alabama of british psychopath and pyro maniacal chemists at harvard to examine one of the greatest moral challenges in modern american history plus malcolm talks about his heart wrenching. Visit to the museum. Dedicated to victims of the tokyo firebombings his revealing dinner with the top brass of the us air force and why he's making a big bet on audio books with his latest offering. Coming up with malcolm glad well injustice moment glad well is the author york times bestsellers including talking to strangers david and goliath out liars blink and the tipping point glad well as co founder and president of pushkin industries an audio book and podcast production company behind his latest book. Which is out in print and in a wonderful new audio book. It's called the bomber. Mafia a dream temptation and the longest night of the second world. War malcolm welcome to the podcast. Thank you to have been chugging. What before we get to the book. I know from the last time we spoke that you preferred writing routine who had sort of been disrupted by the pandemic. Have you returned to writing cafes yet. I have the cafes in the little town where i live have reopened so i can return to my favorite haunts wonderful. I love this new audio book. By the way. I i really enjoy listening to the bomber mafia. You have pioneered the art of the immersive audio book. The audio versions of your books really i think have more in common with your podcast revisionist history than with your typical audio book. Take us behind the scenes. What all went into making the audio version of the bomber mafia. Well you know to do. I did what with this. What i did with talking to strangers which is to do a real good audio book. You have to start with the intention to do an audio book in other words every interview you do. You've got to collect high-quality tape. You know you can't just put your iphone down on the table in front of the person you're interviewing you. If you're intending to use the voices of the people you're talking to in the finished product you've got to make sure sound good and then it goes from there. You look for for this book. We searched through all these archives. Air force archives military archives archives at universities. Trying to fine tape with the people that we were talking about It was you know. If i'm gonna spend as i do this book chapters talking about a named curtis lemay. I want you to hear his voice because he was you hear his voice. You kinda get who he is. You know you And there's a knees numerous examples of that and then the end of the book describes this incredibly devastating and moving event the bombing of tokyo. And you it's important to hear voices of the people who were victimized by that attack so it's on a multiple minimum levels you let your storytelling guided by the kind of sound you can find. Yeah yeah and it's just wonderful to listen to. I'm a big fan of the podcast as well so it really does sound like. I'm listening to a long firm formed version of your podcast which

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