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Welcome back to voice global. I'm your host pete eriksson. I hope you're having a great day. We certainly are the conversations have been really compelling and illuminating on just the depth in the breath of the conversational. Ai space globally a within brands across all industries. My next guest has had a front row seat on the growth of this market and is leading the way when it comes to conversational. I through the company. He founded called haptic dot. I welcome to the stage. My next guest Mr accredit daesh accredited. How're you doing. I'm good i'm good. Thanks for having me opie University excited to to be at voice. Lola as of course you. When i know we will back a long way. So yes yes. We're actually i think one thing that said that's fun is a lot of the folks that i'm talking to this week i've known now for many years Some even preceded any of the work that we did invoice and you came to newark new jersey at our inaugural summit in two thousand eighteen and We got to. We got the briefly. Meet there but you also shared a story with me. That i think it's kind of important i mean our journeys are sometimes you know we go through We have to go through major challenges in order to start to have that success. But you shared something with me. I don't know if you want to reiterate that a little bit but was meaningful to me. I wonder if you could talk about that trip. And how it was a turning point for you. I mean a recently when we spoke again a the woman you know we got connected. And i knew that will be speaking with feed. You got back so many memories of because it's so fascinating you know that every company founder every business Possibly goes to this a few times in their life. These moments can just stay with you that drip two thousand eighteen voice global Men made the trip. And i spent some time in got to the conference was possibly the lowest point in my career or Translating during the one of the lowest points in the journey of haptic as a business. I think we just. We couldn't figure it out a story figured out what we wanted to do You know there was. There was captured on we only for the amount of time and know My wife this with a sheet a members. The daimona sochi possibly was one of the worst strips off of my neighbors. We'll getting As much as i was bad boy summit wasn't really dead I think it was It was it was almost like just everything that could go wrong. Gone wrong and then. I saw a bunch of teams at the summit. Got excited about what's going on in the space especially like you mentioned you know what what the dentist of enterprise look. I came back You know from that trip anna. i'm off from. I've actually the short break. After that are of all places and then i came back and look what we know this something over here. We know that would be built has value for somebody in this world that we just need to need to be heads. Down focused got out.

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